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markdown2 README
This is a fast and complete Python implementation of Markdown, a text-to-html
markup system as defined here:
To install it in your Python installation run:
python install
However, everything you need to run this is in "lib/". If it is
easier for you, you can just copy that file to somewhere on your PythonPath
(to use as a module) or executable path (to use as a script).
Quick Usage
As a module:
>>> import markdown2
>>> markdown2.markdown("*boo!*") # or use `html = markdown_path(PATH)`
>>> markdowner = Markdown()
>>> markdowner.convert("*boo!*")
>>> markdowner.convert("**boom!**")
As a script:
$ python foo.txt > foo.html
See the project pages, "lib/" docstrings and/or
`python --help` for more details.
The python-markdown2 project lives here (subversion repo, issue tracker,
To checkout the full sources:
svn checkout python-markdown2
To report a bug:
This project is licensed under the MIT License.
Note that in the source repository there are a few files (for the test suite
and performance metrics) that are under different licenses. None of these
files are included in the source packages. These exceptions are as follows:
- perf/recipes.pprint: Python License
This file includes a number of real-world examples of Markdown from the
ActiveState Python Cookbook, used for doing some performance testing of
- test/php-markdown-cases/* & test/php-markdown-extra-cases/*
These are copies of the MarkdownTest-1.0 and MDTest packages announced on
the markdown-discuss list.
- test/ GPL 2 or BSD
A copy (currently old) of Python-Markdown -- the other Python Markdown
- test/markdown.php: BSD-style
This is PHP Markdown (
- test/ BSD-style
A copy of Perl Markdown (
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