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python-markdown2 Changelog

python-markdown2 2.3.5 (not yet released)

  • [pull #238] Fenced code blocks lang with leading space
  • [pull #260] Search for items only within metadata header

python-markdown2 2.3.4

  • [pull #243] task list extra visual changes
  • [pull #245] Don't let "target-blank-lines" break footnotes
  • [pull #247] Translatable footnote titles
  • [pull #252] Add pipe escaping in table extension

python-markdown2 2.3.3

  • [pull #236] Fix for safe_mode links regression
  • [pull #235] Fix for overgreedy regex in metadata
  • [pull #237] Fix for header-ids extra non-alpha character issue

python-markdown2 2.3.2

  • [pull #204] toc extra Python 3 error
  • [pull #207] Performance improvements
  • [pull #210] Leading paragraph with fenced code blocks
  • [pull #212] Target blank links extra
  • [pull #215] Optional metadata fences
  • [pull #218] Github style task list
  • [pull #220] Numbering extra
  • [pull #224] Metadata in blocks
  • [pull #230] safe_mode changes

python-markdown2 2.3.1

  • [pull #131] Markdown "spoiler" extra
  • [pull #170] html-classes support for table tags
  • [pull #190] "strike" extra
  • [pull #201] Allow empty table cells

python-markdown2 2.3.0

python-markdown2 2.2.3

  • [issue #165] Fix an edge case in list parsing.

python-markdown2 2.2.2

  • [pull #156] Footnotes XML compatibility.
  • [pull #157] Horizontal rule minimum length.
  • [pull #162] Fix escaping fenced code block with safe mode
  • [pull #163] Fix code highlight with safe mode

python-markdown2 2.2.1

  • [issue #142 pull #141] Fix parentheses and spaces in urls.
  • [issue #88 issue #95 pull #145] Fix code blocks in code blocks with syntax highlighting.
  • [issue #113 issue #127 via pull #144] Fix fenced-code-blocks html and code output.
  • [pull #133] Unify the -/= and ## style headers and fix TOC order
  • [pull #146] tag-friendly extra to require that atx headers have a space after #

python-markdown2 2.2.0

  • [issue #135] Fix fenced code blocks odd rendering.
  • [pull #138] specify shell in Makefile
  • [pull #130] break-on-newline extra
  • [pull #140] Allow html-classes for img
  • [pull #122] Allow parentheses in urls

python-markdown2 2.1.0

  • ["nofollow" extra, issue #74, pull #104] Add rel="nofollow" support (mostly by

      $ echo '[link](http://example)' | markdown2 -x nofollow
      <p><a rel="nofollow" href="http://example">link</a></p>

    Limitation: This can add a duplicate 'rel' attribute to raw HTML links in the input.

python-markdown2 2.0.1

python-markdown2 2.0.0

  • [issue #90] Add a Markdown.preprocess(text) -> text hook for subclasses. This is a match for the Markdown.postprocess(text) -> text hook added in an earlier version. (by @joestump).

  • [issue #90, backward incompatible change] Require a space between the '#' and a text for a title. I.e.:

      # This still works
      #This doesn't work
      ##Nor this

    This keeps comments, hash tags, and ticket numbers at the beginning of the line from turning into an h1. (by @joestump)

    This is a backward incompatible change, however small, hence the version change to 2.0.0.

python-markdown2 1.4.2

  • [issue #84, issue #87] Fix problems with fenced-code-blocks getting double-processed.

python-markdown2 1.4.1

  • [issue #67] Fix an sub-ul inside a ol not working with an indent less than 4 spaces.

  • Fix code blocks and fenced-code-blocks to work with a single leading newline at the start of the input.

  • [issue #86, 'fenced-code-blocks' extra] Fix fenced code blocks not being parsed out before other syntax elements, like headers.

  • [issue #83, 'fenced-code-blocks' and 'code-color' extras] Allow 'cssclass' code coloring option (passed to pygments) to be overridden (by E.g.:

      import markdown2
      html = markdown2.markdown(text,
          extras={'fenced-code-blocks': {'cssclass': 'mycode'}})

python-markdown2 1.4.0

  • [issue #64] Python 3 support! supports Python 2 and 3 in the same file without requiring install-time 2to3 transformation.

python-markdown2 1.3.1

  • [issue #80] Jython 2.2.1 support fix (by

python-markdown2 1.3.0

  • Deprecate code-color extra. Use the fenced-code-block extra and its cleaner mechanism for specifying the language, instead. This extra will be removed in v2.0 or so.

  • New fenced-code-blocks extra. It allows a code block to not have to be indented by fencing it with '```' on a line before and after. Based on [GFM](<

      Some code:
      print "hi"

    It includes support for code syntax highlighting as per GFM. This requires the pygments Python module to be on the pythonpath.

      if True:
          print "hi"

python-markdown2 1.2.0

  • [issue #78, issue #77] Add "metadata" extra (

python-markdown2 1.1.1

  • Drop "" (a mk thing) and simplify to "Makefile".

python-markdown2 1.1.0

  • [issue #76] Ensure "smarty-pants" extra doesn't destroy image links and links with title text.

  • [issue #72] Support reading from stdin for command line tool like any well-behaved unix tool, e.g.:

    $ echo '*hi*' | markdown2

    Thanks Ryan!

  • Drop this "1.0.1.*" version silliness. The idea was that the first three numbers tracked the on which was originally based. I don't believe really gets releases anymore tho, so pointless.



  • [Issue 57] Add html5 block tags (article, section, aside, et al; see "_html5tags" variable) to Markdown literal HTML block tag handling. Thanks Tim Gray!

  • [Issue 56] Fix install.

  • [Issue 54] Fix escaping of link title attributes. Thanks FND!

  • Tweak list matching to NOT make a ul for something like this:

      - - - - - hi there

    Before this change this would be a silly 5-deep nested li. See "not_quite_a_list" test case.

  • [Issue 52] Fix potential pathologically slow matching for <hr> markdown ("slow_hr" test case).

  • Add a Markdown.postprocess(text) -> text hook that is called near the end of markdown conversion. By default this does no transformation. It is called just before unescaping of special characters and unhashing of literal HTML blocks.

  • ["header-ids" and "toc" extras] Add "n" argument to Markdown.header_id_from_text hook. This allows a subclass using this hook to differentiate the header id based on the hN number (e.g. h1 diff that h2). Also allow a None return value to not add an id to that header (and exclude that header from the TOC).

    Note: If you used this hook, this is an incompatible change to the call signature.

  • Add a "markdown-in-html" extra similar to (but limited) I.e. this:

      <div markdown="1">
      Yo **yo**!


      Yo <strong>yo</strong>!
  • [Issue 39] Test case fix for pygments 1.3.1 from thomas.moschny.

  • [Issue 42] Add "smarty-pants" extra for transforming plain ASCII punctuation characters into smart typographic punctuation HTML entities. Inspiration: Implementation by Nikhil Chelliah. Also add \' and \" escape sequences for forcing dumb quotes when this extra is in use.

  • Guard against using True instead of None as follows markdown(..., extras={'header-ids': True}). None is wanted, but True is commonly (at least I did it twice) used.


  • [Issue 36] Fix "cuddled-lists" extra handling for an looks-like-a-cuddled-list-but-is-indented block. See the "test/tm-cases/cuddled_list_indented.text" test case.

  • Experimental new "toc" extra. The returned string from conversion will have a toc_html attribute.

  • New "header-ids" extra that will add an id attribute to headers:

      # My First Section

    will become:

      <h1 id="my-first-section">My First Section</h1>

    An argument can be give for the extra, which will be used as a prefix for the ids:

      $ cat foo.txt
      # hi there
      $ python foo.txt
      <h1>hi there</h1>
      $ python foo.txt -x header-ids
      <h1 id="hi-there">hi there</h1>
      $ python foo.txt -x header-ids=prefix
      <h1 id="prefix-hi-there">hi there</h1>
  • Preliminary support for "html-classes" extra: takes a dict mapping HTML tag to the string value to use for a "class" attribute for that emitted tag. Currently just supports "pre" and "code" for code blocks.


  • [Issue 33] Implement a "cuddled-lists" extra that allows:

      I did these things:
      * bullet1
      * bullet2
      * bullet3

    to be converted to:

      <p>I did these things:</p>


  • [Issue 30] Fix a possible XSS via JavaScript injection in a carefully crafted image reference (usage of double-quotes in the URL).


  • [Issue 29] Fix security hole in the md5-hashing scheme for handling HTML chunks during processing.
  • [Issue 27] Fix problem with underscores in footnotes content (with "footnotes" extra).


  • [Issue 24] Set really long sentinel for max-length of link text to avoid problems with reasonably long ones.
  • [Issue 26] Complete the fix for this issue. Before this change the randomized obscuring of 'mailto:' link letters would sometimes result in emails with underscores getting misinterpreted as for italics.


  • [Issue 26] Fix bug where email auto linking wouldn't work for emails with underscores. E.g. Mail me: <> wouldn't work.

  • Update to ensure bin/markdown2 gets included in sdist.

  • [Issue 23] Add support for passing options to pygments for the "code-color" extra. For example:

      >>> markdown("...", extras={'code-color': {"noclasses": True}})

    This formatter_opts dict is passed to the pygments HtmlCodeFormatter. Patch from 'svetlyak.40wt'.

  • [Issue 21] Escape naked '>' characters, as is already done for '&' and '<' characters. Note that other markdown implementations (both Perl and PHP) do not do this. This results in differing output with two 3rd-party tests: "php-markdown-cases/Backslash escapes.text" and "markdowntest-cases/Amps and angle encoding.tags".

  • "link-patterns" extra: Add support for the href replacement being a callable, e.g.:

      >>> link_patterns = [
      ...     (re.compile("PEP\s+(\d+)", re.I),
      ...      lambda m: "" % int(,
      ... ]
      >>> markdown2.markdown("Here is PEP 42.", extras=["link-patterns"],
      ...     link_patterns=link_patterns)
      u'<p>Here is <a href="">PEP 42</a>.</p>\n'


  • Fix syntax_color test for the latest Pygments.
  • [Issue 20] Can't assume that sys.argv is defined at top-level code -- e.g. when used at a PostreSQL stored procedure. Fix that.


  • Fix sys.path manipulation in so easy_install markdown2-*.tar.gz works. (Henry Precheur pointed out the problem.)
  • "bin/markdown2" is now a stub runner script rather than a symlink to "lib/". The symlink was a problem for sdist: tar makes it a copy.
  • Added 'xml' extra: passes one-liner XML processing instructions and namespaced XML tags without wrapping in a <p> -- i.e. treats them as a HTML block tag.


  • Fix bug in processing text with two HTML comments, where the first comment is cuddled to other content. See "test/tm-cases/two_comments.text". Noted by Wolfgang Machert.
  • Revert change in v1.0.1.6 passing XML processing instructions and one-liner tags. This changed caused some bugs. Similar XML processing support will make it back via an "xml" extra.


  • License note updates to facilitate Thomas Moschny building a package for Fedora Core Linux. No functional change.


  • Add a proper and release to pypi:
  • Move module to a lib subdir. This allows one to put the "lib" dir of a source checkout (e.g. via an svn:externals) on ones Python Path without have the .py files at the top-level getting in the way.


  • Fix Python 2.6 deprecation warning about the md5 module.

  • Pass XML processing instructions and one-liner tags. For example:

      <?blah ...?>
      <xi:include xmlns:xi="..." />

    Limitations: they must be on one line. Test: pi_and_xinclude. Suggested by Wolfgang Machert.


  • Add ability for 'extras' to have arguments. Internally the 'extras' attribute of the Markdown class is a dict (it was a set).

  • Add "demote-headers" extra that will demote the markdown for, e.g., an h1 to h2-6 by the number of the demote-headers argument.

      >>> markdown('# this would be an h1', extras={'demote-headers': 2})
      u'<h3>this would be an h1</h3>\n'

    This can be useful for user-supplied Markdown content for a sub-section of a page.


  • [Issue 18] Allow spaces in the URL for link definitions.

  • [Issue 15] Fix some edge cases with backslash-escapes.

  • Fix this error that broken command-line usage:

      NameError: global name 'use_file_vars' is not defined
  • Add "pyshell" extra for auto-codeblock'ing Python interactive shell sessions even if they weren't properly indented by the tab width.


  • Make the use of the -*- markdown-extras: ... -*- emacs-style files variable to set "extras" off be default. It can be turned on via --use-file-vars on the command line and use_file_vars=True via the module interface.
  • [Issue 3] Drop the code-color extra hack added for issue3 that was causing the a unicode error with unicode in a code-colored block,


  • [Issue 8] Alleviate some of the incompat of the last change by allowing (at the Python module level) the usage of safe_mode=True to mean what it used to -- i.e. "replace" safe mode.
  • [Issue 8, incompatible change] The "-s|--safe" command line option and the equivalent "safe_mode" option has changed semantics to be a string instead of a boolean. Legal values of the string are "replace" (the old behaviour: literal HTML is replaced with "[HTML_REMOVED]") and "escape" (meta chars in literal HTML is escaped).
  • [Issue 11] Process markup in footnote definition bodies.
  • Add support for -*- markdown-extras: ... -*- emacs-style files variables (typically in an XML comment) to set "extras" for the markdown conversion.
  • [Issue 6] Fix problem with footnotes if the reference string had uppercase letters.


  • [Issue 3] Fix conversion of unicode strings.

  • Make the "safe_mode" replacement test overridable via subclassing: change Markdown.html_removed_text.

  • [Issue 2] Fix problems with "safe_mode" removing generated HTML, instead of just raw HTML in the text.

  • Add "-s|--safe" command-line option to set "safe_mode" conversion boolean. This option is mainly for compat with

  • Add "link-patterns" extra: allows one to specify a list of regexes that should be automatically made into links. For example, one can define a mapping for things like "Mozilla Bug 1234":

      regex:  mozilla\s+bug\s+(\d+)

    See for details.

  • Add a "MarkdownWithExtras" class that enables all extras (except "code-friendly"):

      >>> import markdown2
      >>> converter = markdown2.MarkdownWithExtras()
      >>> converter.convert('...TEXT...')
  • [Issue 1] Added "code-color" extra: pygments-based (TODO: link) syntax coloring of code blocks. Requires the pygments Python library on sys.path. See for details.

  • [Issue 1] Added "footnotes" extra: adds support for footnotes syntax. See for details.


  • Added "code-friendly" extra: disables the use of leading and trailing _ and __ for emphasis and strong. These can easily get in the way when writing docs about source code with variable_list_this and when one is not careful about quoting.
  • Full basic Markdown syntax.

(Started maintaining this log 15 Oct 2007. At that point there had been no releases of python-markdown2.)