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- py3: py2.4 test (broken?)
- add "smarty-pants" extra to wiki
- add "html-classes" extra to wiki
- more on the "code-color" extra wiki page
- better "Extras" wiki page that shows a quick example of each with link for
more details. Mention "extensions" for gjuice.
- add description of demote-headers extras to wiki
- find more unicode edge cases (look for any usage of md5() and make that
- bug: can't have '<\w+' in a code span or code block with safe_mode if there
is a '>' somewhere later in the document. E.g.
It captures all of that. Right answer is to not count code spans or code
- add an issue for this
- test cases
- idea: better sanitation re-write? lot of work
- idea: Change all <,>,& emission from markdown processing to something
like {LT}, {GT}, {AMP}, {OPENTAG:$tag[:$class]} (first checking for
conflicts and escaping those out of the way). Then do sanitization at the
escape: escape all <,>,& with entities
remove: not supported
whitelist: (new) build a reasonable default whitelist of patterns to
keep. Takes "extras" argument (and hook for subclassing) to
for custom whitelist. Google Code (was it?) had some list
of reasonable whitelist stuff.
Then unescape these special chars. The use of OPENTAG above would make
"html-classes" extra trivial.
- test safe_mode on HTML in footnotes
- desc of code-color option. Not sure I love the ":::name"
markup for the lexer name.
- update MDTest 1.1? (see
update MDTest tests from
- I see ref to 1.0.2
Update to that? Yes. Copy, at least, in showdown package.
- take a look at other examples/test-cases from
- get on
- ask about remaining two MarkdownTest test failures
- fix the r135 xml option, add xml extra for it (see email)
- perhaps some extras from Maruku and PHP Markdown extra
- tables (tho I don't really like the syntax, prefer google codes, see
- markdown inside literal HTML (if 'markdown="1|true"' attr)
- automatic toc generation (wanted that anyway, no a fan of maruku syntax
for this)
- weird markup in headers and links (does handle this?)
- meta-data syntax? One example of this is ids for headers. How about
automatically assigning header ids from the name (a la rest)?
- at-the-top email-style headers?
- maruku's footnote links are 'fn:1' and 'fnref:1' for a footnote id of
'blah'. If this is the PHP Markdown Extras way, then should follow
- googlecode wiki markup ideas?
- ~~strikeout~~
- <> at bottom has a wish
- simple "cite" for blockquote. How about:
[Zaphod Breeblebrox]
> blah blah
> blah
- look at screencast?