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A micro unittest suite harness for Python
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This is my own hacky micro test harness for Python unittests. It is currently in use in a number of projects with large test cases. However, you might want to checkout "nose" or "unittest2" first. :) Some features include:

  • small, you can just put this one file in your "test" dir
  • no external dependencies other than the stdlib
  • tagging of individual and groups of tests to allow easily running test subsets (can be very helpful in huge doc sets)
  • support for "TestSkipped" as a return from a test (TODO: has modern added this now?). This is helpful for tests of platform-dependent or optional features.


A typical Python project setup (at least for me) is:

foo/                # project foo
    lib/      # the main code of the project
    test/  # the from *this project*     # a small stub driver # an actual test file with TestCase's # another test file

Minimally the "" driver is:

import sys, os
import testlib
# Put the 'lib' dir on sys.path.
sys.path.insert(0, join(dirname(dirname(abspath(__file__))), "lib"))

Then you run:

cd test 

The test harness will find all TestCase classes in all "test_*.py" files and run them. Tagging support allows you to run subsets of the full test suite:

python foo      # Just run tests in ""
python bar      # ... just in ""

If "" looked something like this:

import unittest
from testlib import tag
class BlahTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_whozit(self):
    def test_whatzit(self):
    def test_thatzit(self):

The then following would be possible:

python blah         # run all tests in `BlahTestCase`
python question     # run all tests tagged "question"
python -- -question # run all test *except* those tagged "question"
python whozit       # run just `BlahTestCase.test_whozit`

See "Naming and Tagging" below for more details.

Example Output


Naming and Tagging


Gathering from Multiple Test Directories


Real-world examples

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