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SDF TextField Validation

Add simple validation to your text fields for the following types:

  • none: default
  • email: Needs an @ and a TLD.
  • email optional: as above but can also be empty
  • password: requires at least 1 character, masked text.
  • required: requires at least 1 character.


  1. Add the following line to your header

    #import "SDFTextField+Validation.h"
  2. Set a textFieldValidationType property to the NSTextField from the TextFieldValidationType enum.

    // Where self.textField is an NSTextField property on the class
    self.textField.textFieldValidationType = TextFieldValidationTypeEmail;
  3. Set a placeholder string if required (not required if you have the text field linked up in the nib and the placeholder set there)

    self.textField.placeholderString = @"Email";
  4. Add NSTextFieldDelegate to the .h file.

  5. Add the following to the .m file.

    #pragma mark - Notification
    - (void)controlTextDidChange:(NSNotification *)notification
    	NSTextField *textField = [notification object];
    	BOOL valid = [textField validate];
    	if (!valid) {
    	  // Do something on invalid entry if you want

It is at this point the fields will be highlighted based on the validation type you set.


  • valid: This will check the current string of the text field against the validation type and return the result.
  • reset: Reset the text field removing all validation background colouring.


Setting the colours is easy, just modify your colours as required. All take an NSColor as type.

  • [NSTextField setBackgroundColour:colour];
  • [NSTextField setValidBackgroundColour:colour];
  • [NSTextField setInvalidBackgroundColour:colour];
  • [NSTextField setPlaceholderFontColour:colour];
  • [NSTextField setPlaceholderValidateFontColour:colour];


Each field has it's own default as specified below:

  • kValidationTextFieldBackgroundColour = [NSColor whiteColor];
  • kValidationTextFieldValidBackgroundColour = [NSColor greenColor];
  • kValidationTextFieldInvalidBackgroundColour = [NSColor redColor];
  • kValidationTextFieldPlaceholderValidateFontColour = [NSColor whiteColor];
  • kValidationTextFieldPlaceholderFontColour = [NSColor grayColor];