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Gedit Clientside Plugin
- Author: [Trent Richardson](
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Tools for CSS:
Author: [Trent Richardson](
NodeJS: <>
@@ -34,14 +34,14 @@ For other linux distrobutions this may be a click away in your package manager.
The plugin uses nodejs to execute serverside javascript (jslint and jsbeautify)
- Copy the clientside directory and clientside.gedit-plugin file into your gedit plugins directory.
- Start or restart gedit
- Open the Preferences, and navigate to Plugins, check to enable Clientside plugin
Once you've installed the plugin you can configure it to your needs through the Gedit Plugins Tab and click Configure, or through the Tools->Clientside menu.
@@ -64,15 +64,15 @@ Unchecking the box will look like this:
// ...
- With your js or css file the active document go to Tools -> Clientside -> desired tool
- When you minify, format, or gzip a file you will be asked if you want to replace the current file contents
- With JSLint the bottom pane will have a new tab with any issues found
- For Batch Minify click the + icon and choose your files. Drag and drop them in the grid to reorder them.
Copyright 2011 Trent Richardson

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