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smart contract
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smart contract


Treon (TXO) is a “utility token” based on the Ethereumblockchain that will securely and seamlessly help consumers to pay for their usage of utilities like, telecom, electricity, water, natural gas through a mobile wallet and application that is connected through a consolidated dashboard that will enable new utility payment ecosystem over the Blockchain. Treon team designed a simple and unique digital platform, smartphone app and a wallet to enable customers to manage their services from one place with utility providers and pay for their usage through a consolidated application, which is connected to each provider through open and secure interfaces. The Treon team and advisors came together with the aspiration to “make history”. The team’s vision is to create an innovative platform leveraging latest crypto and blockchain technology to spearhead the digital transformation of utilities around the world. Treon founders formed an experienced team with extensive industry expertise in telecom, energy, blockchain, and high-tech industries. Team members have proven track records in starting up, scaling, and growing profitable multi-billion dollar companies. The sale will take place through the official website Token Sale: 429 Million TXO tokens are available for purchase starting on 21-May-2018 and ending on 17-July-2018. Sale will stop if tokens are sold before the end date. Unsold TXO will be transferred to reserve.

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