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A simple Mind-Matter Trainer based on a TrueREG
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MindMatterTrainer v.1.0.3

A simple Mind-Matter Trainer based on a TrueREG (

project funded by the Bial Foundation grant n.29/18

Instructions: Insert your TrueREG in a USB port of your PC

Add the and Calibration.ini files in a dedicated folder.

In the calibration.ini file, choose the number of bits/sec to be analyzed, the time (in seconds) of the trial and the interval for the samples analysis (in seconds).

Launch the from your Python GUI.

When launched, a graph will open showing the number of 0s and 1s around the expected mean.

Your task is to increase the number of 0s or 1s or maximise their difference reducing the expected entropy.

Pressinf F on your keyboard you can switch from full to reduced screen.

As output, you will have the final plot plus a .csv file with all data for further analyses.

Enjoy your mind-matter skill !!

You can cite it as: Pederzoli, L. & Semenzato, L. & Tressoldi, P. (2019). MindMatterTrainer. Available at

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