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@trestletech trestletech released this Dec 4, 2017 · 52 commits to master since this release

  • Support Expiration, HTTPOnly, and Secure flags on cookies (#87). EDIT: see #216 which prevented expiration from working.
  • BUGFIX: properly handle named query string and post body arguments in
    mounted subrouters.
  • Added support for static sizing of images. @png and @jpeg now accept a
    parenthetical list of arguments that will be passed into the png() or
    jpeg() call. This enables annotations like
    #' @png (width = 200, height=500).
  • Enable ByteCompile flag
  • Set working directory for DigitalOcean APIs.
  • Respect setErrorHandler
  • BUGFIX: export PlumberStatic
  • Case-insensitive matching on plumber.r and entrypoint.r when
    plumb()ing a directory.
  • Support query strings with keys that appear more than once
  • Fix the validation error warning at the bottom of deployed Swagger files
    which would have appeared any time your swagger.json file was hosted in
    such a way that a hosted validator service would not have been able to access
    it. For now we just suppress validation of swagger.json files. (#149)
  • Support for floating IPs in DNS check that occurs in do_configure_https()
  • Make adding swap file idempotent in do_provision() so you can now call that
    on a single droplet multiple times.
  • Support an exit hook which can define a function that will be
    evaluated when the API is interrupted. e.g.
    pr <- plumb("plumber.R"); pr$registerHook("exit", function(){ print("Bye bye!") })
  • Fixed bug in which a single function couldn't support multiple paths for a
    single verb (#203).
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