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An integration of RStudio's Shiny with Google's WebGL Globe platform
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An integration of RStudio's Shiny with Google's WebGL Globe platform.

A Live Demo is available at


shinyGlobe isn't yet available on CRAN, but you can use devtools to install it from GitHub.

# Install devtools, if you haven't already.

install_github("shinyGlobe", "trestletech")


Currently, shinyGlobe offers a very simple interface in which a anew globe is generated every time data changes. It may later be possible to animate ("tween") between states, but that looks like it would take some work.

The two important functions in the package currently are renderGlobe and globeOutput which should be used in server.R and ui.R, respectively. renderGlobe generates the page element in your UI where the globe will be loaded. renderGlobe translates your data into a format used in generating the globe. See this example included in the pacakge for a basic demo.


The package is built on top of Google's WebGL Globe platform, which does 99% of the heavy lifting here. Their code is available under an Apache v2 License.

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