A Facebook Messenger bot used to create to-do lists and organize action items within a chat
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Panda Bot

A Facebook messenger bot designed to help group chats organize to-do items. Simple but effective.

Update: As of May 2018, Panda Bot is no longer being hosted on a server.


Panda Bot's profile can be found here

Add Panda Bot to any of your group chats or chat him directly for personal use


Here are the commands which you can use with Panda Bot

/list - show all current items on the to-do list

/add (item) - item is added to the end of the to-do list

/remove (index) - item at specified index is taken off of the to-do list

/edit (index) (new item) - item at specified index is changed to new item

/clear - all items are taken off of the to-do list

/help - see a list of all commands

/#rekt - use immediately after a sick burn is delivered