The all-in-one boot image tool.
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libbootimage api

The Bootimage Utils Functions

enum bootimage_utils_filetype

struct bootimage_utils
	int file_type ;
	char* data ;

struct bootimage_utils* bootimage_utils_initialize();
bootimage_utils_read(struct bootimage_utils* biu,const char* file_name);

The Main Bootimage Functions

struct bootimage* bootimage_initialize();
struct bootimage* bootimage_initialize_from_factory_image(char* data);
struct bootimage* bootimage_initialize_from_ota_zip(char* data);
bootimage_free(struct bootimage** bip);
bootimage_file_read(struct bootimage* bi,const char* file_name)

The Main Bootimage File Extraction Functions

bootimage_file_extract_header(const char* file_name,const char* header_name);
bootimage_file_extract_header_block(const char* file_name,const char* header_block_name);
bootimage_file_extract_kernel(const char* file_name,const char* kernel_name);
bootimage_file_extract_kernel_config(const char* file_name,const char* kernel_config_name);
bootimage_file_extract_kernel_config_gz(const char* file_name,const char* kernel_config_gz_name);
bootimage_file_extract_kernel_ramdisk(const char* file_name,const char* kernel_ramdisk_name);
bootimage_file_extract_kernel_ramdisk_archive(const char* file_name,const char* kernel_ramdisk_dir_name);
bootimage_file_extract_kernel_ramdisk_entry(const char* file_name,const char* kernel_ramdisk_entry_name);
bootimage_file_extract_uncompressed_kernel(const char* file_name,const char* uncompressed_kernel_name);
bootimage_file_extract_ramdisk(const char* file_name,const char* ramdisk_name);
bootimage_file_extract_ramdisk_archive(const char* file_name,const char* ramdisk_dir_name);
bootimage_file_extract_ramdisk_entry(const char* file_name,const char* ramdisk_entry_name);

bootimage_file_print_header(const char* file_name);
bootimage_file_print_header_fd(const char* file_name,int fd);
bootimage_file_print_kernel(const char* file_name);
bootimage_file_print_kernel_version(const char* file_name);
bootimage_file_print_ramdisk(const char* file_name);
bootimage_file_print_ramdisk_list(const char* file_name);
bootimage_file_print_ramdisk_file(const char* file_name,const char* ramdisk_file);
bootimage_file_print_ramdisk_files(const char* file_name,const char** ramdisk_files);
bootimage_file_print_all(const char* file_name);

bootimage_extract_header(struct bootimage* bi,const char* header_name);
bootimage_extract_header_block(struct bootimage* bi,const char* header_block_name);
bootimage_extract_kernel(struct bootimage* bi,const char* kernel_name);
bootimage_extract_kernel_config(struct bootimage* bi,const char* kernel_config_name);
bootimage_extract_kernel_config_gz(struct bootimage* bi,const char* kernel_config_gz_name);
bootimage_extract_kernel_ramdisk(struct bootimage* bi,const char* kernel_ramdisk_name);
bootimage_extract_kernel_ramdisk_archive(struct bootimage* bi,const char* kernel_ramdisk_dir_name);
bootimage_extract_kernel_ramdisk_entry(struct bootimage* bi,const char* kernel_ramdisk_entry_name);
bootimage_extract_uncompressed_kernel(struct bootimage* bi,const char* uncompressed_kernel_name);
bootimage_extract_ramdisk(struct bootimage* bi,const char* ramdisk_name);
bootimage_extract_ramdisk_archive(struct bootimage* bi,const char* ramdisk_dir_name);
bootimage_extract_ramdisk_entry(struct bootimage* bi,const char* ramdisk_entry_name);

bootimage-utils features

Print Bootimage Image Header
Print Bootimage Image File Structure
Print Bootimage Type
Fingerprint BootImage

Kernel Compression
Kernel Version
Kernel Uncompressed Size
Kernel Config.gz

List Properties
List Services

Add/Change Service
Add/Change Property

Mount Ramdisk


bootimage-utils extract [ options ] <file>

-i <name> --bootimage=<name> [ default boot.img ]
-d --out-dir - output directory [ default : cwd ]
-k --kernel=<name> [ default : kernel ]
-r --ramdisk=<directory> [ default : ramdisk ]
-x --ramdisk-archive=<name>
-f --ramdisk-file=<name>
-o --output-file=<name>
-F --ramdisk-files=<name>;<name>
-O --output-file=<name>;<name>
-h --header

bootimage-utils features technical implementation

Known FileTypes

	Nexus Factory Image
	file contains a zip file and the zip file contains
	at least a boot.img

	Update Zip
	file contains a META-INF and has an updater-script

	OTA Update Zip ( incremental )
	file contains a META-INF and has an updater-script

	Standard Boot Image
	Has Android Magic at offset 0.
	Has Valid Kernel Data
	Has Valid Ramdisk Data
	Does not have sbin/recovery
	default.prop does not contain build.prop info

	OEM Boot Image
	Has Android Magic not at offset 0
	Has Valid Kernel Data
	Has Valid Ramdisk Data
	Does not have sbin/recovery
	default.prop does not contain build.prop info

	Standard Recovery Image
	Has Android Magic at offset 0.
	Has sbin/recovery
	default.prop contains build.prop info

	OEM Recovery Image
	Has Android Magic at offset 0.
	Has sbin/recovery
	default.prop contains build.prop info

	Standard Ramdisk
	Is a cpio or cpio.gz file
	Does not have sbin/recovery
	default.prop does not contain build.prop info

	Recovery Ramdisk
	Is a cpio or cpio.gz file
	has sbin/recovery
	default.prop contains build.prop info

	Compressed Kernel
	Is a valid Kernel Compression Type

	UnCompressed Kernel
	Has a valid kernel Version Line
	Has ( other ) kernel identifiers

Bootimage Utils Options

The options control how the program behaves with regard to
memory usage and allocation strategy, Temporary File Usage
default action behaviour. Search Path Behaviour, Logging Options
Clobber Behaviour. These can be set in an "options" file or passed
as command line arguments

Top Level Actions
info - Print Various Bootimage or archive info
print - same as info
extract - Extract various parts of a bootimage
update - update various parts of a bootimage
create - create a bootimage
options - print default options

Print Action

bootimage-utils [print|p] [ options ] [ program options ] < file >

	-B |--boot-image=<bootimage> ( default : boot.img )
		If the <file> is a nexus factory image or an update zip
		and contains a file named <bootimage> then the data is printed
		from <bootimage>

	-R |--recovery-image=<recoveryimage> ( default : recovery.img )
		If the <file> is a nexus factory image or an update zip
		and contains a file named <recoveryimage> then the data is printed
		from this, recovery images will be attempted to be fingerprinted

		Prints the image header information

		Prints the image kernel information

		Prints the kernel version line only

		Prints ramdisk information

		Print ramdisk file. if the file is a text file

		Print property value found in default.prop


	bootimage-utils print <factory image>
		Prints File Type " Android Nexus Factory Image "
		Prints Internal Zip File Name / Zip File Size
		Prints Internal Zip Boot Image Name and size
		Prints boot.img header structure

Second Level Actions
These are quick shortcuts to actions arguments


print-kernel = print --kernel <file>
Prints all kernel details.
Kernel Compressed Size, Version

print-kernel-version = print --kernel-version <file>
print-header = print --header <file>
print-ramdisk = print --ramdisk <file>
print-ramdisk-ls = print --ramdisk-ls <file>