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Client application for Switchy McPortFace
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The Switchy McPortFace client is a desktop application that captures switch advertisements on a local wired network to determine information about the switch and the switchport that the machine is connected to. Whilst many other tools out there farm this information from switches and routers via SNMP, the idea here is to capture this information from the hosts themselves, which in some scenarios may be more useful.

The core library used is libpcap/winpcap, which - in promiscuous mode - can capture packets received by the operating system. Promiscuous mode is crucial, since it needs to be able to capture layer 2 packets (ok, technically "frames", but whatever) and keep them.

The two main protocols that the client looks for are LLDP and CDP. There are a few other discovery protocols that I would love to be able to play with and work into the client, but in lieu of these existing (and LLDP being vendor-agnostic), I'll settle for just these two. These protocols contain similar data, formatted slightly differently, that can be extracted to provide useful information such as:

  • Switch IP
  • Switch name
  • Switch MAC address
  • VLAN
  • Device capabilities And various other things.

Normally these protocols are ignored by most OSes and are just used by inter-connecting networking devices to build a picture of the network topology. Well, given that that data is often present on the wire, it can be grabbed and interpetted as text data.

Useful resources have been:

Its important to note that not all switches will have LLDP and CDP advertisements enabled. If you haven't got access to your network infrastructure and these aren't enabled, this client is kind of useless to you, unfortunately!

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