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phew is a new project generator and simple deployment solution for web projects

So much web goodness exists, but it's hard to bring everything together quickly. And usually so much hacking goes into bringing different web projects together that updating to the latest can be a pain. phew will hopefully make it simple to initialize a new web project using the many different awesomenesses out there.


run ./install. This installer was created using Ubuntu, so some tweaking may need to occur for installation on other systems.

An alias will also need to be added to your PATH to ${phew_dir}/bin.


phew uses the HTML5 Boilerplate as a baseline for new projects, and uses a git-ish syntax. Future development includes:

  • Adding remote locations for deployment
  • Deployment of server configurations for new projects
  • Automated deployment of other Boilerplate Integrations
  • Integration of additional Boilerplate Themes

Simple Examples

phew init [<dir>]: Initialize a new HTML5 project

Under Development

phew remote add <alias> <remote>: Add remote location alias for site deployment

phew deploy <alias>: Deploy phew project to a remote location. Will also have option to first build using Boilerplate.