A dwarf-fortress clone / MUD / side project in Elixir
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  • Travis Travis build
  • Semaphore Build Status

Getting started

Make sure you have Elixir ~> 1.5.1 available.

README-driven development

Things I need to bring back in as I switch to ECS:

  • generating a world
  • creating location entities
  • generating mobs at startup
  • putting mobs in locations
  • reproduction


  • Age
  • Mortal
  • SexualReproduction (Biology? Subcomponent? Not a component at all?)
  • OviparousReproduction
  • AIComponent.V1


What about aging; could be a separate tick for everyone (easy) or some kind of "everything ages at the same time" tick. If the latter, I need, I think, to make it possible to subscribe to events in the ECS framework. Well, my "Watcher" idea is growing old quickly isn't it. Unless I create a Universe entity with a Tick component which could get updated with a monotonically increasing value, and that would be something that various things could watch...