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eastwood - a Clojure lint tool

Eastwood is a clojure lint tool which uses the analyze library to inspect namespaces and report possible problems. Currently it should works with projects running Clojure 1.3.0 and newer.

What's there?

Eastwood warns when it finds

  • deprecated java instance methods, static fields, static methods and constructors
  • deprecated clojure vars
  • unused function arguments
  • unused private vars
  • reflection
  • naked (:use ...)
  • misplaced docstrings
  • keyword typos


Eastwood is a leiningen plugin. Add [jonase/eastwood "0.0.2"] to your :plugins vector in your :user profile (Leiningen 2) or if you are using Leiningen 1:

$ lein plugin install jonase/eastwood 0.0.2



$ lein eastwood

in the root of your project will lint your projects namespaces. You can also lint your projects dependencies:

$ lein eastwood '{:namespaces [clojure.set] :exclude-linters [:unused-fn-args]}'
== Linting clojure.set ==
{:linter :misplaced-docstrings,
 :msg "Possibly misplaced docstring, #'clojure.set/bubble-max-key",
 :line 13}

== Linting ==
{:linter :deprecations,
 "Instance method 'public throws' is deprecated.",
 :line 50}

Available linters are:

  • :naked-use
  • :misplaced-docstrings
  • :def-in-def
  • :reflection
  • :deprecations
  • :unused-fn-args
  • :unused-private-vars
  • :keyword-typos

Available options are:

  • :namespaces Namespaces to lint
  • :exclude-namespaces Namespaces to exclude
  • :linters Linters to use
  • :exclude-linters Linters to exclude

Note that you can add e.g., {:eastwood {:exclude-linters [:keyword-typos]}} to .lein/profiles.clj to disable linters you don't like.


Copyright (C) 2012 Jonas Enlund

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.