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OptiX In One Weekend

What is this?

This is OptiX In One Weekend.

An Introductory text to learning the Nvidia OptiX Ray tracing SDK.

Within the body of the SDK there are a large number of holistic programs that encapsulate an entire ray tracing project. However, at time of writing, there does not exist an adequate introduction publically.

This text is an attempt to remedy that. All projects will be built incremently, one subsection at a time. There should never be more than 1 thing to be learn at a time.

Expected Experience

I expect the minimum from you:

  • Some experience in c++

As tools and ideas are introduced, their understanding will be explained. If there is an idea or implementation detail that is not fully explained, that is a bug and should be fixed.

Tools Used by OIOW

The following tools will be used:

  • A C++ compiler (Clang, GCC, VS, ...)
  • NVCC (For Cuda Compilation)
  • Nvidia OptiX SDK
  • CMake (for builds)


  • Peter Shirley
  • Ingo Wald
  • João Vítor Silva
  • Steve Hollasch
  • Morgan McGuire


If you find a problem with the project, whether that is in the source or in the text, I politely request that you create an issue. Rather than a pull request.

You can also contact me directly at trevordavidblack AT gmail DOT com

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