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How do I use password protection for my application stacks?

Trevor DeVore edited this page Feb 22, 2019 · 4 revisions

Commercial versions of LiveCode allow you to set the password property of a stack in order to encrypt the scripts. While this is a useful feature it can be troublesome to password protect your stacks during development. Levure allows you to develop your application using unencrypted stacks and gives you the option of encrypting some or all of your stacks when you build a distribution with the packager.

To encrypt stacks in your distribution builds, do the following:

  1. In app.yml set the encrypt stacks entry to random or password. random uses uuid() to generate a password each time you package your application.

    encrypt stacks: random
  2. If you set encrypt stacks to password then create an .env file alongside the app.yml file with PASSWORD=YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE in it.

    If you are using Git, don't commit the .env file to your version control repository.

  3. If you want to leave some stacks unencrypted in your builds, you can override the encrypt stacks setting for specific stacks. Here is an example in app.yml:

     - filename: my_unencrypted_library.livecodescript
       encrypt: false
     - folder: my_folder_of_unencrypted_libraries
       encrypt: false
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