A simple virtual controller to be used with Corona SDK.
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This git repository holds some code that can be used to make basic virtual controllers in apps built with Corona SDK. 
Essentially, there are three major parts: the controller, joystick, and button files.
The controller can add joysticks and buttons based on properties that you provide. Later on, it can be used to display
all of the added joysticks and buttons on screen. 

If you need a basic controller with one joystick and one button, this repository is for you.
If you need a more complex controller with several buttons and joysticks that each have unique functionality, 
this repo is also for you.

If you aren't developing an app with Corona SDK, this repo is not for you.

I will include some basic examples in here as well as more explanation about how to use this code.

The JoystickExample project was built using Corona SDK and uses the Space Explorer Tutorial as a beginning point.
You can find their tutorial here: https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/programming/02/index.html

It is an excellent tutorial that helps explain a lot of the basics for Corona development