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More is a command line utility to rapidly compile LESS ( into static CSS. It's current goal is to provide the missing "watch" functionality that the current LESS CLI doesn't provide, as well as persist the compiler's instructions (which is extremely useful when working in a large team). The next release will focus on minifying the CSS output. Future releases will aim to incorporate other CSS superset languages like Stylus, Sass, and Compass.
More requires that your system have Node >= 5.0 and NPM (node package manager) installed.
Installation is quite simple...
$ sudo npm install -g more
...and so is uninstalling!
$ sudo npm uninstall -g more
In order to compile CSS, config.json must be present in the directory
where you want to execute the `mo` command.
{ "compiler": {
"css": {
"input": "./less",
"output": "./compiled",
"relation": {
"base.less": "base.css",
Invoke the compilers for the specified language(s), which happens
to only be LESS at the moment.
-c, --css
Compile all `.less` files into the corresponding `.css` files
defined in config.json.
-w, --watch
Start watching for changes on all files in the current working
directory, and it's children. ctrl+C to exit.
-v, --version
Display the current version of More.
mo compile --css
Compile `.less` files into `.css` and return control to the user.
mo compile --css --watch
Start watching for changes on all `.less` files, compile if any file
is directly or indirectly referenced in config.json.