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Get some baseline metrics for your Instagram presence with pandas
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Social Media Analytics for the People

I started this project because of a lack of available metrics from existing tools.

As the family of companies I co-founded grew and had more brands to support across our organization, I was tasked with building a social media marketing team and then integrate all the associated technologies to support them. So, I set up a tech stack I thought would work (some Slack bots and Zapier scripts and spreadsheets and so on), and then sort of assumed with Buffer or Sprout (etc.) there would be reporting and analytics to go with it. Unfortunately, this is not exactly the case. Sprout is pretty good, but only if you've been collecting data with it in the past. So, if you sign up with Sprout or Buffer in November 2018 hoping to get your year-end 2018 analytics, you're out of luck! This is actually exactly what happened to me, so I decided to dive into my coder self a bit for this project.

This Jupyter Notebook uses:

  • pandas
  • racerga/instagram-scraper
  • matplotlib
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