an ultralight generic mixin to cache Ruby classes in Redis
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Redis Cacheable

RedisCacheable offers a generic way to cache Ruby objects in Redis in an organized way. It currently uses Ruby's Marshal module, to create string representations of object graphs, so the consumers of the Redis data must also be Ruby-based applications. (At some point, it would be nice to also be able to support JSON for interop, but for right now, it's Ruby-only.)

The library grew from a business need to provide a way to crunch numbers for a "dashboard" out-of-band from the work required to merely serve the webpage that displays these stats.

RC might be a good choice for you if:

  • You have a bunch of data that has to be aggregated/crunched on a regular basis and can easily be gathered into one top-level "composite" object

  • Serializing those object graphs can be done w/ a single call to Marshal.dump -- e.g. no complicated binary packing, etc.

  • You're able to implement an updating task via a background job queue (such as delayed_job or Resque) to keep your caches warm.

  • Your underlying data changes relatively frequently (minutes, hours), but second-by-second deltas aren't that big of a deal to you.

  • Your main concern is ensuring that end users don't have to wait for numbers to be crunched in real time.

  • You want as minimal a way as possible to cache this data (you don't care about LRU, etc).