Input a story from pivotal tracker and print the story into a 4x6 card
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pivotal_to_pdf -- print the stories from pivotal tracker to a PDF file


This is a gem that can read a story from pivotal tracker and print into a 4x6 card so that you can print the card and stick to your physical story board.

I steal the part of code from The difference is the code there print to a A4 paper with 4 stories on it. This gem prints one card at a time and the gem doesn't require an exported csv file.


$ [sudo] gem install pivotal_to_pdf


First you need to create a .pivotal.yml under your home directory. No idea how you do this under Windows so no support to Windows yet

a sample .pivotal.yml:

token: your-api-token-of-pivotal-tracker
project_id: your-ptroject-id

After install the gem, you can do:

  • pivotal_to_pdf iteration # print stories for the current iteration into a PDF file
  • pivotal_to_pdf story STORY_ID # print a single story specifed by ID into a PDF file

The gem will then read the story/stories and print it into a PDF file

The gem assumes that you have https access to the pivotal tracker