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InfiniBand Prometheus exporter

The InfiniBand exporter collects counters from InfiniBand switches and HCAs. The exporter supports the /metrics endpoint to gather InfiniBand metrics and metrics about the exporter.

This exporter must be run on a host that has an active interface on the InfiniBand fabric you wish to monitor. By default this exporter will collect counters from all switch ports on the fabric connected to the host running this exporter.

The InfiniBand diagnostic tools of ibnetdiscover and perfquery must also be present on the host running this exporter. These are commonly installed via the infiniband-diags package.


Collectors are enabled or disabled via --collector.<name> and --no-collector.<name> flags.

Name Description Default
switch Collect switch port counters Enabled
ibswinfo Collect data on unmanaged switches via ibswinfo (BETA) Disabled
hca Collect HCA port counters Disabled

If you have a node name map file typically used with Subnet Managers, you can provide that file to the --ibnetdiscover.node-name-map flag. This will use friendly names for switches.

If you wish to run the exporter as a user other than root and do not want to use sudo, you must make the UMAD device read/write to all users with something like the following:

$ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/99-ib.rules 
KERNEL=="umad*", NAME="infiniband/%k" MODE="0666"

If you wish to use sudo you will need to run with the --sudo flag. Below is an example of the sudo rules necessary if the exporter rules as infiniband_exporter user: (adjust paths to perfquery and ibnetdiscover as needed)

Defaults:infiniband_exporter !syslog
Defaults:infiniband_exporter !requiretty
infiniband_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/ibnetdiscover
infiniband_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/perfquery

If ibnetdiscover and perfquery are not in PATH then their paths need to be provided via the --ibnetdiscover.path and --perfquery.path flags.

Collect switch information using ibswinfo (BETA)

The tool ibswinfo can be used to collect information from unmanaged InfiniBand switches such as power supply and fan health. To enable this collection pass the --collector.ibswinfo flag and ensure either ibswinfo is in $PATH or define the path to that executable via the --ibswinfo.path flag.

This feature is considered BETA as it relies on parsing non-machine readable data. In the future this exporter may collect the unmanaged switch information directly in a similar way to what ibswinfo is doing.

The collection of ibswinfo takes about 2-3 seconds per switch so consider increasing Prometheus scrape timeout or running using --exporter.runonce per Large fabric considerations. Also consider increasing the --ibswinfo.max-concurrent to a value greater than the default of 1, but be aware that a value too high will cause timeouts executing concurrent ibswinfo commands.

Large fabric considerations

If you have a large fabric where collection times are too long for Prometheus scrapes, the exporter can instead write metrics to a file that can be collected by node_exporter textfile collection.

This exporter has been tested on a fabric with 109 switches each having around 36 ports and collecting only switches takes ~10 seconds.

To collect the metrics from a file pass the flag to node_exporter like so: Add this exporter to be executed via cron using flags like the following:

  • --exporter.runonce
  • --exporter.output=/var/lib/node_exporter/textfile_collector/infiniband_exporter.prom

The collection time of --collector.switch.rcv-err-details can take much longer than base metrics due to having to execute perfquery once per port. One way to collect these metrics is collect base metrics with Prometheus scrapes and collect --collector.switch.rcv-err-details with runonce using the following flags (example on 8 core system, adjust --perfquery.max-concurrent as needed):

  • --exporter.runonce
  • --exporter.output=/var/lib/node_exporter/textfile_collector/infiniband_exporter.prom
  • --no-collector.switch.base-metrics
  • --collector.switch.rcv-err-details
  • --perfquery.max-concurrent=8


Example of running the Docker container

docker run -d -p 9315:9315 \
--name infiniband_exporter \
--cap-add=IPC_LOCK \
--device=/dev/infiniband/umad0 \


Download the latest release

Add the user that will run infiniband_exporter

groupadd -r infiniband_exporter
useradd -r -d /var/lib/infiniband_exporter -s /sbin/nologin -M -g infiniband_exporter -M infiniband_exporter

Install compiled binaries after extracting tar.gz from release page.

cp /tmp/infiniband_exporter /usr/local/bin/infiniband_exporter

Add systemd unit file and start service. Modify the ExecStart with desired flags.

cp systemd/infiniband_exporter.service /etc/systemd/system/infiniband_exporter.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start infiniband_exporter

Build from source

To produce the infiniband_exporter binary:

make build


go get


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