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Managing Samba with Puppet

This module is currently only intended to be used on nodes that need to be Active Directory domain members.

This module relies on puppet-concat.

This is a very rough draft and I am still in the process of making it work just right for my specific environment, but thought it may be of use to someone.


Assign to node

The example below is a role I use to define similar samba servers in my environment, but the usage is the same for nodes.

class role_samba_server {
    include concat::setup

    $workgroup = ''
    $realm = ''
    $primary_group = 'Domain Users'

    include samba::server

Share definition

Here's an example of a share definition.

samba::share {
    path            => '/var/www/',
    writeable       => 'yes',
    browseable      => 'yes',
    invalid_users   => 'root',
    valid_users     => '@staff',
    create_mask     => '664',
    dir_mask        => '775';

AD Group Integration

The password_auth_ac template for PAM grants access to a group that is hostname-access. This is an example of one way to manage Linux access on a samba server. In my Active Directory I create an access group for each server that is the first layer of control for all forms of access (File share and SSH).

To Do

  • Convert to parameterized module
  • Fully document all options
  • Expand the server functions this samba conig can be used for
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