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Created by gitconnected

Hacktoberfest 2018 Project

Build a Hacker News clone using React and Redux. Collaborate with other developers.

Hacktoberfest 2018

Project Overview

A Hacker News clone (in night mode!) using all open source technology.

Try it out: Download the Chrome Extension

Website: View on gitconnected

Hacktoberfest 2018 is underway! Join the developer community from gitconnected in working together to build a Hacker News clone for your Hacktoberfest project. Use your favorite frontend library (or follow along with our solution using React) and utilize the open source Hacker News API for your data.

Our community will be collaborating and working together to help everyone become a better developer. Join us if you're interested in learning web development.


Join the #hacktoberfest channel in our community Slack.

What You'll Learn

  • React
  • Redux
  • Styled Components
  • CSS Grid
  • CSS Flex
  • CSS Animations
  • Using an API
  • Axios for network requests
  • Redux middleware
  • Create React App to bootstrap a project
  • localStorage for persisting state

Getting Started

Run the completed project to understand what you're building

# Clone the project
git clone

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Start the project
npm run start

# Navigate to http://localhost:3000

To build your own from scratch, first initialize the project. Our solution uses Create React App, but feel free to use whatever you want, even static HTML.

Review the Hacker New API documentation. You will need the /topstories endpoint to get the list of the story IDs and the /item endpoint to get the data for each story individually.

Finally, get your project into production. We chose to use a Chrome Extension, but you can host it in any manner than you wish. GitHub pages is a great option. The final solution should show a list of the top stories on Hacker News.

Join the Slack channel to collaborate and get help. This project can be difficult, so make sure you work on it with some friends!

Step-by-step Turorial

Almost complete, check back soon!

Your Solution!

Send a message in our Slack or submit a GitHub link to

We would love to see solutions using Vue, Angular, vanilla JavaScript, or anything else! Show off some advanced techniques such as server side render (SSR) or progressive web apps (PWA).


Hacktoberfest Demo

Hacktoberfest Screenshot


Hacktoberfest project to build a Hacker News clone






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