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React Component & Image Lightbox


See it in action on - Coding Interview Course and gitconnected - The Developer Community

A lightbox for React components or images. String passed as arguments are assumed to be the src for an image. Otherwise, it will check if the argument is able to be rended as a child React component of the lightbox.


Originally forked from fritz-c's library


  • Keyboard shortcuts (with rate limiting)
  • Image Zoom
  • Flexible rendering using src values assigned on the fly
  • Image preloading for smoother viewing
  • Mobile friendly, with pinch to zoom and swipe (Thanks, @webcarrot!)
  • No external CSS


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Lightbox from 'lightbox-react';
import 'lightbox-react/style.css'; // This only needs to be imported once in your app

import VideoIframe from 'components/video';

const images = [

export default class LightboxExample extends Component {
  constructor(props) {

    this.state = {
      photoIndex: 0,
      isOpen: false,

  render() {
    const { photoIndex, isOpen } = this.state;

    return (
        <button type="button" onClick={() => this.setState({ isOpen: true })}>
          Open Lightbox

        {isOpen && (
            nextSrc={images[(photoIndex + 1) % images.length]}
            prevSrc={images[(photoIndex + images.length - 1) % images.length]}
            onCloseRequest={() => this.setState({ isOpen: false })}
            onMovePrevRequest={() =>
                photoIndex: (photoIndex + images.length - 1) % images.length,
            onMoveNextRequest={() =>
                photoIndex: (photoIndex + 1) % images.length,

Deprecation Notice

All unprefixed classes (listed below) will be removed in v4.0.0. Use their ril- prefixed alternatives instead. close, closing, download-blocker, image-current, image-next, image-prev, inner, next-button, not-loaded, outer, prev-button, toolbar, toolbar-left, toolbar-right, zoom-in, zoom-out


Property Type Default Required Description
mainSrc string yes Main display image url or React component
prevSrc string Previous display image url or component (displayed to the left). If left undefined, onMovePrevRequest will not be called, and the button not displayed
nextSrc string Next display image url or component (displayed to the right). If left undefined, onMoveNextRequest will not be called, and the button not displayed
mainSrcThumbnail string Thumbnail image url corresponding to props.mainSrc. Displayed as a placeholder while the full-sized image loads.
prevSrcThumbnail string Thumbnail image url corresponding to props.prevSrc. Displayed as a placeholder while the full-sized image loads.
nextSrcThumbnail string Thumbnail image url corresponding to props.nextSrc. Displayed as a placeholder while the full-sized image loads.
onCloseRequest func yes Close window event. Should change the parent state such that the lightbox is not rendered
onMovePrevRequest func empty function Move to previous image event. Should change the parent state such that props.prevSrc becomes props.mainSrc, props.mainSrc becomes props.nextSrc, etc.
onMoveNextRequest func empty function Move to next image event. Should change the parent state such that props.nextSrc becomes props.mainSrc, props.mainSrc becomes props.prevSrc, etc.
onImageLoadError func empty function Called when an image fails to load.
<code>(imageSrc: string, srcType: string, errorEvent: object): void</code>
discourageDownloads bool false Enable download discouragement (prevents [right-click -> Save Image As...])
animationDisabled bool false Disable all animation
animationOnKeyInput bool false Disable animation on actions performed with keyboard shortcuts
animationDuration number 300 Animation duration (ms)
keyRepeatLimit number 180 Required interval of time (ms) between key actions (prevents excessively fast navigation of images)
keyRepeatKeyupBonus number 40 Amount of time (ms) restored after each keyup (makes rapid key presses slightly faster than holding down the key to navigate images)
imageTitle node Image title (Descriptive element above image)
imageCaption node Image caption (Descriptive element below image)
toolbarButtons node[] Array of custom toolbar buttons
reactModalStyle Object {} Set z-index style, etc., for the parent react-modal (react-modal style format)
imagePadding number 10 Padding (px) between the edge of the window and the lightbox
clickOutsideToClose bool true When true, clicks outside of the image close the lightbox
enableZoom bool true Set to false to disable zoom functionality and hide zoom buttons

Browser Compatibility

Browser Works?
Chrome Yes
Firefox Yes
Safari Yes
IE >= 10 Yes
IE 9 Everything works, but no animations


After cloning the repository and running npm install inside, you can use the following commands to develop and build the project.

# Starts a webpack dev server that hosts a demo page with the lightbox.
# It uses react-hot-loader so changes are reflected on save.
npm start

# Lints the code with eslint and my custom rules.
npm run lint

# Lints and builds the code, placing the result in the dist directory.
# This build is necessary to reflect changes if you're
#  `npm link`-ed to this repository from another local project.
npm run build

Pull requests are welcome!




Lightbox for components or images built for React








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