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I apparently did not save the latest code...

The code committed is currently the base of what was recorded, however it is a lot different than what is shown below. At somepoint I will get around to recreating it.

But for now, it is what it is...


This piece I will probably revisit once I get better. However, I was able to accomplish a few things that I had in mind and some I never would have thought of otherwise.


One thing with generative art that I've always wanted to do is randomly generate landscapes. More so horizons, rather than full blown landscapes I guess. This I was able to do utilizing triangles accross the horizontal plane.

The other thing I wanted to do is a vaporwave sun ray. I started out with making the sun different types of shapes, but I ended up settling back on a circle anyways.

Happy Accidents

Originally I wanted to create random squiggly lines in the sky, however I didn't find a relatively easy way to do it. Instead I ended up making this lo-fi graph paper. Later on, I though it would be trippy if I could highlight the squares randomly. This ended up being way better than my original squiggly line idea.


Once I get more comfortable, I really want to revisite the horizon generation. I would love to do the same thing but with random textures. To do this I would need to build an algorithm that can break apart the rectangle into different polygons and then use a randomized alpha for each of them.


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