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Allua Read Me

Allua is a binding of the Allegro 5.x game programming library to the powerful, light, fast programming language that is Lua.




  • Open a terminal and get to the Allua folder
  • Enter premake4 --help for a list of possible build environments
  • Enter premake4 _YourBuildEnvironment_
  • Build the program with your selected build envrionment (i.e. gmake)
  • Enter premake4 install to install Allua on a system that supports the filesystem heirarchy standard (i.e. Linux, OpenSolaris, or the BSDs)

Using Allua

You can run a Lua script that uses Allua simply by running lua myscript.lua if you have the library (, allua.dll, etc.) in your Lua search path. premake4 install will install Allua into the search path on certain systems listed in the previous section. You can also store the library in the same directory as the script itself and it should work.

See naturoids.lua in the test folder for an example of Allua usage.


Allua only provides a simple reference manual, for full explanation of all the functions you should read Allegro's documentation at

A prebuilt version of the documentation is available for download here:

You may also get NaturalDocs and build the documentation yourself, but that is really only for people who wish edit the documentation.