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💰 Trezor Suite Monorepo
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Branch: develop
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Trezor Suite Monorepo



Name Packages
suite core, web, desktop, native, onboarding
components components, storybook, storybook native
rollout rollout
blockchain-link blockchain-link
connect-explorer connect-explorer


  • git clone
  • yarn
  • yarn suite:dev


Inspired by GitLab Contributing Guide

Security vulnerability disclosure

Please report suspected security vulnerabilities in private to, also see the disclosure section on the website. Please do NOT create publicly viewable issues for suspected security vulnerabilities.

Issue Labels


Label Meaning (SLA)
P1 Urgent The current release + potentially immediate hotfix (30 days)
P2 High The next release (60 days)
P3 Medium Within the next 3 releases (90 days)
P4 Low Anything outside the next 3 releases (120 days)


Label Impact
S1 Blocker Outage, broken feature with no workaround
S2 Critical Broken feature, workaround too complex & unacceptable
S3 Major Broken feature, workaround acceptable
S4 Low Functionality inconvenience or cosmetic issue
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