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Compile N64 code using the official SDK on Unix
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Modern n64sdk

This repo describes how to get the n64 sdk compiling on a modern OS (Linux, Windows, macOS).

Download the sdk.

Download the sdk and extract to a folder. We'll call this folder N64_SDK.

Compile the GCC toolchain

Clone the n64chain repo found here:

Copy the tools directory into another directory. We'll call this folder N64_TOOLCHAIN.

Run either the script for linux or mac. Run the for windows. This'll take a while.

After running this command, make sure that N64_TOOLCHAIN is on your path:

export PATH="$N64_TOOLCHAIN/bin:$PATH"

Set up additional tools

Download all of the latest versions of these tools, extract them, and place them somewhere on your path ($N64_TOOLCHAIN/bin for example):

Apply patches to n64sdk

The first file you'll need to modify is $N64_SDK/ultra/usr/include/make/PRdefs.

Make the following modifications:

  • Change CC = gcc to CC = mips64-elf-gcc
  • Change LD = ld to LD = mips64-elf-ld
  • Change MAKEROM = mild to MAKEROM = spicy
  • Change GCCFLAG to GCCFLAG = -c -I$(INC) -D_MIPS_SZLONG=32 -D_MIPS_SZINT=32 -D_LANGUAGE_C -D_ULTRA64 -D__EXTENSIONS__ -mabi=32 -march=vr4300 -mtune=vr4300

For any demo you'd like to build, make the follow modifications:

  • FINAL = YES is not commented out in the Makefile
  • If running on unix (linux or osx):
    • Download dos2unix.
    • Run dos2unix *.{h,c} in the current directory.

Export the appropriate variables

Note that these will need to be set for every terminal you use to build. <N64_SDK> below should be substituted with the path where you extracted the sdk. <N64_TOOLCHAIN> should be substituted with the path where you built the toolchain.

export ROOT=<N64_SDK>
export PATH=<N64_TOOLCHAIN>/bin:$PATH
export GCCDIR=$ROOT/ultra/GCC


Note that both spicy and makemask are far from polished. Please open issues on the appropriate tool and I'll try to investigate as soon as possible.

Useful commands

Disassembling code:

mips64-elf-objdump -b binary -m mips:4300 --start-address=0x40 --stop-address=0xB70 -D -EB letters.n64
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