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When you want to write code for the project, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Claim the ticket: Tell us that you want to work on a certain ticket, we will assign it to you (We don't want two people to work on the same thing :wink:)
  2. Fork your feature branch from the master branch
  3. Write an acceptance test: Describe what you want to do (our acceptance tests touch the database)
  4. Implement it: Write a unit test, check that it fails, make the test pass – repeat (our unit tests don't touch the database)
  5. Write documentation for it
  6. Check with bundle exec rake ci (you need to have ArangoDB running for that) that everything is fine and send the pull request to the development branch :smiley:


Nothing special:

  • Clone the project
  • cd into the folder and run bundle
  • bundle exec rake ci and see all tests passing (you need to have ArangoDB running for that)
  • Happy hacking!


Guard is a tool for comfortable development. If you want to use it, you have to first start an instance of ArangoDB and then start guard with bundle exec guard. This will:

  • Run bundle whenever you change the dependencies
  • Run the unit tests whenever you change a file in the lib or spec directory
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