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Reconnecting with other Alumni

Alumni Board

While the Alumni Board is comprised of specific positions, we encourage any and everyone to be active within the alumni group. Even if you can only spare a few minutes of your time, we could always use it! Please contact Jerry Tozer to get on our Alumni Executive Board email list.

{% include spotlight-inline.html name="Alex Ott" init-year="11" position="Alumni President" email_address="" cover-image="/assets/img/people/ott.png" content="Alex served the Active Chapter in a number of positions, including VP of Member Development. He spent one year as the Active Advisor to the National Council. He currently lives and works in Grand Rapids, MI"%}

{% include spotlight-inline.html name="Darien Benner" init-year="15" position="Alumni Treasurer" email_address="" cover-image="/assets/img/people/darien.png" content="Darien served the Active Chapter as President, and has remained involved as an alumnus. He currently lives and works in the Detroit area"%}

{% include spotlight-inline.html name="Jerry Tozer" init-year="13" position="Alumni Secretary" email_address="" cover-image="/assets/img/people/jerry.png" content="Jerry served the Active Chapter as Secretary and as the Active President. He currently lives and works in Muskegon, MI"%}


Committees are established to better serve the Alumni and Active Organizations. Generally, these committees include those for the Chapter House and the quinquennial Alumni Reunion. If you are interested in getting involved in a committee, send an email to the Alumni Board.

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Donations are used for:

  • Reimbursement of Pledge Fees for Dean's List achievers
  • Equipment for Winter Carnival
  • Travel assistances for National events
  • Alumni National Chapter Fee
{% include paypal-card.html paypal-id="VDS37JZR7LQAQ" header="One-Time Donation" content=" Contribute to Triangle Fraternity Alumni with a one-time donation. "%}
{% include paypal-card.html paypal-id="D2BA3SJRMPVSS" header="Monthly Donation Club" content=' Mr. T : $100.00 USD - monthly Mr. Bigshot : $75.00 USD - monthly Half Way There : $50.00 USD - monthly I\'ll Share The Wealth : $30.00 USD - monthly Wilmer\'s Club : $20.00 USD - monthly I\'m giving her all she\'s got! : $10.00 USD - monthly I still got loans man! : $5.00 USD - monthly '%}

Alumni Communities

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