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The Latest in PHP

June 2017 Edition

Presented by

Chris Gmyr


PHP Releases

7.1.6, 7.0.20, 7.2.0-alpha1


Accepted: Object typehint (

function acceptsObject(object $obj) {


Implemented (7.2): Allow abstract function override (

abstract class A           { abstract function bar(stdClass $x);  }
abstract class B extends A { abstract function bar($x): stdClass; }
class C extends B          { function bar($x): stdClass{} }
// Fatal error: Can't inherit abstract function A::bar()
// (previously declared abstract in B)


Under Discussion: UUID (

“Provide a UUID implementation as part of the PHP standard module…”

(implement into core)



  • Bug fixes
  • Better support for counting non-Iterator Traversable objects
  • Add support for disabling the conversion of E_DEPRECATED to exceptions
  • Add --no-logging option to disable logging

Framework: Laravel


  • Added ability to eager load counts via $withCount property
  • Added Router::apiResource() method (no create or edit routes)
  • Added TestResponse::assertViewIs() method
  • Added Model::refresh() shorthand
  • Added Request::routeIs() & Route Route::isName()
  • Added Macroable trait to FactoryBuilder

[fit] Laravel 5.5 in July 🙏

Framework: Symfony

  • 2.7.[28-29]
  • 2.8.[21-22]
  • 3.2.9
  • 3.3.[0-2]

CMS: Drupal

  • 8.3.3
  • 7.55

CMS: Wordpress

4.8 “Evans”

  • Widget Updates: Image, Video, Audio, Rich Text
  • Multi-site updates
  • JS API updates: Text Editor, Media Widgets

CMS: Magento


  • Support for MasterCard BIN number expansion
  • Resolution of multiple high priority and critical security issues


  • Resolution of multiple high priority and critical security issues
  • Reversion of the changes to image resizing that we introduced in 2.1.6


2017.2 EAP

  • New Composer actions
  • traits improvements
  • New UML actions
  • remove Composer dependency action
  • PHP extensions detection
  • improved UI for PHP settings page



  • Set multiple cursors with Ctrl/Cmd + Click
  • Improved Git merge
  • Emmet abbreviations display
  • Enhanced snippets
  • Docker and MERN debugging recipes

PHP Conferences - June

Dutch PHP Conference June 29–July 1, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PHP Conferences - July

Laracon July 25-26, NYC

Nomad PHP - June 22

US Pieces of Auth By Chris Cornutt

Europe Transforming PHP By Christopher Pitt

Upcoming regional events

Oct 7-8 - NCDevCon -

Oct 23-24 - All Things Open -

Notable News & Articles

Next Month @ TrianglePHP

TBD Presented By - You?!?

Thursday, July 20 6pm Atlantic BT

Have a Job/Need a Job

Who's hiring? Who's looking? What are you looking for?

Tonight @ TrianglePHP

Microlithic Applications in PHP

Presented By - Michael Kelly

Thank you to Atlantic BT for hosting and refreshments!