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[fit] The Latest in PHP

[fit] November 2017 Edition

Presented by

Chris Gmyr


PHP Releases


  • Bug Fixes: Date, mcrypt, PCRE


  • Bug Fixes: Apache2Handler, litespeed, SPL


  • Bug Fixes: Hash, MySQLi, Opcache, PDO_mysql

PHP Releases

PHP 7.2.0 RC6 - Final Release Candidate! (~Nov 30th)


  • Implemented
    • 7.3: Allow a trailing comma in function calls
    • 7.3: PCRE2 Migration
  • Pending Implementation
    • Flexible Heredoc and Nowdoc Syntaxes

Framework: Laravel


  • Added Router::apiResources()
  • Support custom URLs for S3
  • Added handful of testing assertions (assertJsonMissingExact, assertJsonCount, etc)
  • Added MakesHttpRequests::followingRedirects() & MakesHttpRequests::from() Feb 7th ($12 early bird)

Framework: Symfony

4.0.0-BETA4, 3.4.0-BETA4

End of the month!

CMS: Drupal


  • Bug Fixes

CMS: Wordpress

4.9 (Tipton)

  • Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking
  • Developer Sandbox (themes/plugins)
  • New Gallery Widget

Be a Gutenberg early tester


2017.3 Public Preview

  • New REST client interface
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved code templates
  • Create new Codeception and PHPSpec tests
  • Improved Twig formatting & template injections
  • Improved Database view, SQL generator



  • Multi-root workspaces
  • Vertical panels
  • Git indicators in the Explorer
  • Inline pending change review
  • Better extension recommendations
  • Performance improvements

PHP Conferences - November

php[world] November 15–16, Washington, D.C.

LaravelDay Nov. 30–December 1, Verona, Italy

PHP Conferences - December

ConFoo Vancouver 2017 December 4–6, Vancouver, Canada

Nomad PHP

US Refactoring Done Right By Brandon Savage

Europe PHP 7 Goodie Bag By Cal Evans

Open Call for Papers

Midwest PHP March 9-10, Minnesota CFP Ends: 11/20/17

PHP[TEK] May 31-Aug 1, Atlanta, GA CFP Ends: 12/29/17

Notable News & Articles

Next Month @ TrianglePHP

Year End Social

More details TBD!

Consider "Chipping In"

Have a Job/Need a Job

Who's hiring? Who's looking? What are you looking for?

Tonight @ TrianglePHP'­s New System Architecture

Presented By - Daniel Milburn & James Fredley

Thank you to FilterEasy for hosting and refreshments!