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Checkmk - Best-in-class infrastructure & application monitoring
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.werks 7497 FIX cisco_asa_failover: Handle very old case where primary state… May 20, 2019
active_checks 7407 check_elasticsearch_query: New active check to query elasticsearch Apr 24, 2019
agents [CMK-2058] - support for native YAML sequences backward compatible May 20, 2019
bin Add small helper tool cmk-update-config May 17, 2019
buildscripts Fix sign artifacts stage surrounding packaging and archive atrifacts … May 20, 2019
checkman 7408 Splunk Monitoring May 20, 2019
checks 7497 FIX cisco_asa_failover: Handle very old case where primary state… May 20, 2019
cmk 7418 netapp_api_if: new option to disable a warning for interface groups May 20, 2019
cmk_base Support path to profile file as optional argument May 20, 2019
doc doc/helpers/mkcheck: generate yapf'd check template May 17, 2019
docker Fix update of needed-packages Mar 14, 2019
inventory winperf_if: Fixed ValueError: too many values to unpack May 20, 2019
livestatus Fixed performance-unnecessary-value-param warnings. May 20, 2019
locale Fixed translation for EC rule action. May 14, 2019
m4 Updated Boost base detection macro. Dec 29, 2017
notifications Notification sms: stop if pager is not set May 16, 2019
omd Re-add freezegun: Our unit tests really need it May 20, 2019
pnp-templates 7064 cpu.threads: now returns the percentage of threads used Mar 7, 2019
scripts Polish our run-clang-tidy fix a bit. May 14, 2019
tests yapfed test May 21, 2019
web Improve hot button styling May 20, 2019
.clang-format Minor Refactoring Apr 17, 2019
.clang-tidy A few clang-tidy tweaks (part 2). May 17, 2019
.cppcheck-suppressions [CMK-2057] [CMK-2113] - new files required for agent updater and beta… May 15, 2019
.dir-locals.el Use sass-lint from our local node_modules directory. Feb 12, 2019
.envrc Handle old direnv versions. May 25, 2018
.eslintrc.json Made quicksearch JS code a dedicated module Dec 20, 2018
.f12 Fixed and unified .f12 scripts. Sep 14, 2017
.gitignore Cleaned up ancient entry in gitignore Apr 2, 2019
.gitmodules [CMK-1730] - initial commit of new Windows Agent Mar 4, 2019
.isort.cfg Prepare use of isort Oct 19, 2018
.pylintrc Final step to enable "redefined-outer-name" pylint checker Feb 25, 2019
.sass-lint.yml Add support for using sass-lint Feb 11, 2019
.site .f12 deploys to heute site by default Sep 18, 2015
.style.yapf Propose new yapf format settings Nov 9, 2018
AUTHORS Cleaned up outdated files Aug 7, 2011
CHANGES Move OMD packaging things to Check_MK git Jul 26, 2017
COPYING Move OMD packaging things to Check_MK git Jul 26, 2017
Makefile Try to make .venv build more robust May 20, 2019
Pipfile Re-add freezegun: Our unit tests really need it May 20, 2019
Pipfile.lock Re-add freezegun: Our unit tests really need it May 20, 2019 Some minor naming changes May 20, 2019
bandit.yaml Remove old bandit test suppression May 20, 2019 Detect GCC 9 and Clang 8, too. May 17, 2019
defines.make Use REPO path for checking edition Sep 12, 2018
gtags.conf Skip omd/packages when indexing. Dec 8, 2017
mypy.ini Increase mypy scope a in cmk_base code Apr 23, 2019
package-lock.json npm audit fix May 13, 2019
package.json npm audit fix May 13, 2019
postcss.config.js Introduce SASS processing for the modern CSS theme Feb 11, 2019
pytest.ini Cleanup unused pytest-stepwise dev dependency; remove ancient html_ge… Apr 2, 2019
standalone.make Detect GCC 9 and Clang 8, too (part 2). May 17, 2019
webpack.config.js Moved classic theme CSS and images to theme directory Feb 11, 2019
werk werk: Take last werk ID into account while checking reserved ranges (… May 20, 2019
wnx_build.cmd [CMK-1730] - initial commit of new Windows Agent Mar 4, 2019

Checkmk - Your complete IT monitoring solution

Checkmk is available in several editions. The Checkmk Raw Edition is free and 100% open-source. The Checkmk Enterprise Edition includes several additional features and professional support from the authors, billed annually. A demo version is freely available for testing the Enterprise Edition in a non-production environment.

Checkmk can be installed on Linux servers via DEB and RPM packages found on our downloads page. The Enterprise Edition is also available as a virtual or physical appliance. The following short installation guides show how you can easily set up Checkmk and begin monitoring.

Please visit our website for more details.

Getting started

Please have a look at the official handbook on how to get started with Checkmk.

Building on your own packages

It is highly recommended to use the prebuilt Checkmk packages we provide. But if you really want to build your own packages, you either need to download the source packages from our website or check out the Git repository.

To prepare your system for building, you need to execute this command:

make -C omd setup

This will install the missing build dependencies, at least if you are working on a supported Linux distribution. Then you can either create RPM or DEB packages, depending on your distro.

To build an RPM:

make rpm

To create a DEB package:

DEBFULLNAME="Mr. Buildmaster" DEBEMAIL="" make deb

Don't forget to insert your name and mail address. As a result your should find packages of the form check-mk-[edition]-[version].[deb|rpm] in your current directory.

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