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LarsMichelsen committed Mar 29, 2016
1 parent d973bf4 commit 6f1ce5d09dfb311c9867e394c82a210d7a6a77be
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* 3105 FIX: fixed crash in cmk --dump for services containing non-ascii characters
* 3343 FIX: MKP: Verifying minimal version of packages during installation...

Checks & Agents:
* 3183 aruba_wlc_aps: new check which monitors the provisioned accesspoints of an Aruba Network WLAN Controller
* 3184 varnish, varnish.backend, varnish.backend_success_ratio, varnish.cache, varnish.cache_hit_ratio, varnish.client, varnish.esi, varnish.fetch, varnish.objects, varnish.worker, varnish.worker_thread_ratio: new checks which monitor HTTP Accelerator Statistics via varnishstat on Linux

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