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#1904 FIX: mk_oracle: added processes check to ASM...

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MathiasKettner committed Apr 14, 2015
1 parent 9e5b7e0 commit 7a090d247a188c7181560183a0f1a032f006c31b
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@@ -314,6 +314,7 @@
* 1899 FIX: mk_oracle: backport of werk 1564 from agent...
* 2110 FIX: netapp_api_aggr: check did not take configured levels when using Nagios
* 1954 FIX: fileinfo / fileinfo.groups: Fixed discovery function for fileinfo groups and equalize agent output of fileinfo agents...
* 1904 FIX: mk_oracle: added processes check to ASM...
* 2111 FIX: hitachi_hnas_volume: fix for cases when size information of volumes is not available
* 2190 FIX: jolokia_metrics.gc: Fixed exception in check if no warn/crit levels are defined
* 2192 FIX: check_notify_count": Fix exception in PNP template in case of explit email addresses...

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