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4706 FIX Fixed broken upload of snmp mibs (cannot import name default…


Change-Id: Id59621ca0bf07bcb4cfe1522c9a462585e9bee19
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Andreas Boesl
Andreas Boesl committed Jun 2, 2017
1 parent 668a820 commit becad1bc22064ed7287aeec5b086e2d4edf6c010
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@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
Title: Fixed broken upload of snmp mibs (cannot import name defaultMibPackages)
Level: 1
Component: ec
Class: fix
Compatible: compat
Edition: cre
State: unknown
Version: 1.5.0i1
Date: 1496412087

@@ -2048,11 +2048,14 @@ def validate_and_compile_mib(mibname, content):
from pysmi.searcher.pyfile import PyFileSearcher
from pysmi.writer.pyfile import PyFileWriter
from pysmi.reader.localfile import FileReader
from pysmi.codegen.pysnmp import PySnmpCodeGen, baseMibs, defaultMibPackages
from pysmi.codegen.pysnmp import PySnmpCodeGen
from pysmi.writer.callback import CallbackWriter
from pysmi.reader.callback import CallbackReader
from pysmi.searcher.stub import StubSearcher
from pysmi.error import PySmiError

defaultMibPackages = PySnmpCodeGen.defaultMibPackages
baseMibs = PySnmpCodeGen.baseMibs
except ImportError, e:
raise Exception(_('You are missing the needed pysmi python module (%s).') % e)

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