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Fix f12 for enterprise edition JS


Change-Id: I2e22076b55c72fec6f3c9f573cf2557d500b93b1
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Titan-C committed Aug 12, 2019
1 parent 87f0efa commit 8f9cc9c18312e291cc8b703f18a114e624c6e78c
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@@ -76,6 +76,7 @@ WERKS := $(wildcard .werks/[0-9]*)

JAVASCRIPT_SOURCES := $(filter-out %_min.js,$(wildcard $(addsuffix /web/htdocs/js/*.js,. enterprise managed)))\
$(wildcard web/htdocs/js/modules/*.js)\
$(wildcard enterprise/web/htdocs/js/modules/*.js)\
$(wildcard web/htdocs/js/modules/node_visualization/*.js)

PNG_FILES := $(wildcard $(addsuffix /*.png,web/htdocs/images web/htdocs/images/icons enterprise/web/htdocs/images enterprise/web/htdocs/images/icons managed/web/htdocs/images managed/web/htdocs/images/icons))

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