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Use mk_logwatch.exe and mk_jolokia.exe from Windows build machine

The previous frozen_binary compilation mechanism did not work very well.
We also want to always create these binaries for each version build and
not check-in these artifacts into git.

Change-Id: Iaa7103e25230c89a24f78552986e1debe84a7a62
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LarsMichelsen committed Nov 27, 2019
1 parent 9be7a41 commit 9d0f7227ce7ceab2de890158ea2c7c94851bb9ee
@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ endif
rm -rf check-mk-$(EDITION)-$(OMD_VERSION)

# This tar file is only used by "omd/packages/check_mk/Makefile"
$(DISTNAME).tar.gz: omd/packages/mk-livestatus/mk-livestatus-$(VERSION).tar.gz .werks/werks $(JAVASCRIPT_MINI) $(THEME_RESOURCES) ChangeLog
$(DISTNAME).tar.gz: omd/packages/mk-livestatus/mk-livestatus-$(VERSION).tar.gz .werks/werks $(JAVASCRIPT_MINI) $(THEME_RESOURCES) ChangeLog agents/windows/plugins/mk_logwatch.exe agents/windows/plugins/mk_jolokia.exe
@echo "Making $(DISTNAME)"
rm -rf $(DISTNAME)
mkdir -p $(DISTNAME)
@@ -270,6 +270,12 @@ $(DISTNAME).tar.gz: omd/packages/mk-livestatus/mk-livestatus-$(VERSION).tar.gz .
@echo " FINISHED. "
@echo "=============================================================================="

@echo "ERROR: The build artifact $@ is missing. Needs to be created by CI system first."
@echo "In case you want to proceed without these files, you may simply execute \"touch $@\""
@echo "to create a package without that file."
exit 1

$(MAKE) -C omd openhardwaremonitor-dist

Binary file not shown.
Binary file not shown.
@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@ def build_windows_agent() {
// Store the built files for later packaging
name: 'WinMSI',
includes: 'check_mk_agent-64.exe,check_mk_agent.exe,check_mk_agent.msi,check_mk.user.yml'
includes: 'check_mk_agent-64.exe,check_mk_agent.exe,check_mk_agent.msi,check_mk.user.yml,mk_logwatch.exe,mk_jolokia.exe'
@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ def create_source_package(DAILY_DATA) {
stage('Create source package') {
sh 'rm -rf *'
unstash(name: 'WinMSI')
sh "mv check_mk_agent-64.exe check_mk_agent.exe check_mk_agent.msi check_mk.user.yml ${DAILY_DATA}/agents/"
sh "mv check_mk_agent-64.exe check_mk_agent.exe check_mk_agent.msi check_mk.user.yml mk_logwatch.exe mk_jolokia.exe ${DAILY_DATA}/agents/"
dir("${DAILY_DATA}/git") {
if(EDITION != 'raw') {
sh "cp ${DAILY_DATA}/agents/cmk-update-agent enterprise/agents/plugins/"
@@ -341,6 +341,7 @@ def create_source_package(DAILY_DATA) {
sh "cp ${DAILY_DATA}/agents/{check_mk_agent-64.exe,check_mk_agent.exe,check_mk_agent.msi,check_mk.user.yml} agents/windows"
sh "cp ${DAILY_DATA}/agents/{check_mk_agent_legacy-64.exe,check_mk_agent_legacy.exe,check_mk_agent_legacy.msi} agents/windows"
sh "cp ${DAILY_DATA}/agents/{mk_logwatch.exe,mk_jolokia.exe} agents/windows/plugins"
sh 'make dist || cat /root/.npm/_logs/*-debug.log'

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