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pre-commit: make compatible with old versions and clarify documentation

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smokey42 committed Dec 18, 2019
1 parent 6b13336 commit cf0ae8b49a2d81a4a79014802fc2f71972f4a3c8
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@@ -98,8 +98,10 @@ To set up the development environment do the following:
After successful installation, hook it up to your git-repository by issuing the following command inside your git repository:

pre-commit install
pre-commit install --allow-missing-config
The `--allow-missing-config` parameter is needed so that branches of older versions of Checkmk which don't
support this feature and are missing the configuration file won't throw errors.

Afterwards your commits will automatically be checked for conformity by `pre-commit`. If you know a
check (like mypy for example) got something wrong and you don't want to fix it right away you can skip

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