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Commits on May 23, 2019
  1. [CMK-2135] - log clean

    s-kipnis committed May 23, 2019
    - minor: fixed base yml
    - minor: mrpe and logwatch log output improved too
    Change-Id: I8b71f2d971a327929dcfa235c96faa95252133b5
  2. [CMK-2135] - uptime time of the process is more or less correctly det…

    s-kipnis committed May 23, 2019
    - unit testing
    - local refactoring
    - better logging
    Change-Id: I0cdcd14ef47e64b398ca8f5b6985b883e24c9d0c
  3. light project clean, compilation fix

    s-kipnis committed May 23, 2019
    Change-Id: I9b607189dc8097e1ad6070ea0aa5883558580bca
  4. light project clean

    s-kipnis committed May 23, 2019
    Change-Id: I98177d2d8961d8aec6930b607cb7a56e3e1b84b0
  5. [CMK-2135] - log timings in the wmi processing

    s-kipnis committed May 22, 2019
    Change-Id: Icebe81ecd19d06128923111cfa8bfbf66ca96e22
  6. [CMK-2135] - fixed kill of not finished process

    s-kipnis committed May 22, 2019
    - detailed diagnostic
    - minor: refactoring of formal parameters
    Change-Id: I6106f10caf8e97681b7b72737c776c961d77d637
Commits on May 22, 2019
  1. [CMK-2065] - only minor refactoring around winperf

    s-kipnis committed May 22, 2019
    - name of formal parameters as in guide
    - bool replaced with enum class PerfCounteReg{national, english}
    - const wstring& -> wstring_view
    Change-Id: I28d3add53a6cea847e23483ac432835bc7965c39
  2. [CMK-2057] - updated beta scripts and tools

    s-kipnis committed May 21, 2019
    - supported windows 8(minimal level), tested with clean system
    - improved errorlevel processing
    - zipall and zip log make zip files instead of 7z
    - is more or less correct and detailed
    - switch from 'net <cmd>' to 'sc <cmd>' as more correct
    Change-Id: Ieabd7255f35438cc6cd3dd97eb1374b6ed21a306
Commits on May 21, 2019
  1. [CMK-2113] - fix in windows agent build and deployment

    s-kipnis committed May 21, 2019
    - removed copy *.exe from the't need anymore)
    - build script repaired and now with final diagnostic.
    Change-Id: If94f1df9a7b6e5ae01a68bc94b09cd6062eeb198
  2. Long Unit tests are marked with postfix '_Long'

    s-kipnis committed May 21, 2019
    Scripts are improved to make really quick unit testing
    Change-Id: I5262eff9f57d03a8044207038f302bdd1beaaa34
  3. [CMK-2057] - during upgrade ini is created as a text file to prevent …

    s-kipnis committed May 21, 2019
    …problems with CR in Windows Notepad
    - minor: bool is removed from important middle level API
    - minor: name refactoring according to guide
    - minor: text in comments for converted yml is more check mk like
    Change-Id: I769c2ce4b7f3727a17fd94a9b30ed29ffbd207ac
  4. Reserved 10 Werk IDS

    s-kipnis committed May 21, 2019
    Change-Id: I2992ad3d22131daea72242b37a626c9f930194c5
Commits on May 20, 2019
  1. [CMK-2058] - support for native YAML sequences backward compatible

    s-kipnis committed May 20, 2019
    - verified with execute, run, sections, disabled_sections
    - extended unit testing
    - refactored overcomplicated smartMerge
    - minor: extended documentation in the check_mk.user.yml
    - minor: fixed some post build events
    Change-Id: If0e94f313252809701f907fa5687471f1d082764
  2. [CMK-2033] - mrpe basic support fix, predefined names are converted f…

    s-kipnis committed May 20, 2019
    …or mrpe too
    - minor: local refactoring of names
    - minor: log is more clear
    Change-Id: Ic7648174efbf6f66c0f1c9d79b8a32b8d0ce8f55
  3. [CMK-2113] - attempts to re-start cmk-update-agent.exe every kick fro…

    s-kipnis committed May 20, 2019
    …m monitoring site
    - minor: improved logging
    Change-Id: I977980e9a1e02099083ec8c9935a2a63bc6b6de4
  4. [CMK-2113] - installer fixes

    s-kipnis committed May 20, 2019
    - id of the package code returns back with note why
    - used method now for installation install(instead of reinstall)
    - minor: typos
    Change-Id: I462edd83d64a95029604a67e069418e614f26c03
Commits on May 17, 2019
  1. [CMK-20333] - support for detached plugins like cmk-agent-update.exe

    s-kipnis committed May 17, 2019
    Change-Id: If050582fa18f11d743683f771874b11e8bc93428
  2. Removed unnecessary binaries from building

    s-kipnis committed May 17, 2019
    Change-Id: I7f0cf506e3aaf428e9fced21e5f9f07f1f41fa46
  3. From MSI removed file which is not managed by WATO

    s-kipnis committed May 17, 2019
    Change-Id: I91eb834e48361107856e7e7c89957cec59f39f6f
  4. [CMK-2113] - bakery supports HASH

    s-kipnis committed May 16, 2019
    - creates checkmk.dat with hash
    - mis-update injects checkmk.dat in the msi
    Change-Id: If601cd1409d5051d5a24fe5bfdac1688319516b8
Commits on May 16, 2019
  1. [CMK-2057] - all required to test software by customers(except msi!)

    s-kipnis committed May 16, 2019
    - relative detailed readme
    - firewall open/close
    - scripts to enable legacy and new agents
    - zip scripts
    - cleaner
    Change-Id: I2c03145807b2f8732f559b6e8118fb3580f69964
Commits on May 15, 2019
  1. [CMK-2113] - correct installation of file with hash and check_mk.user…

    s-kipnis committed May 15, 2019
    - added installation by agent new files in the root/install
    - added unit tests for new file installation
    - reworked Install()
    - minor: added environment variable MK_INSTALLDIR and MK_MSI_PATH
    - minor: removed deletion of check_mk.user.yml
    - minor: names and lesser refactoring
    Change-Id: Ib817f229c225f42c46755bbe27c3a9ab1573aff6
  2. Fixed next compilation error. Removed '@' before goto labels in insta…

    s-kipnis committed May 15, 2019
    …ll post build script.
    Change-Id: I8d1b4ceb2dd06fa9a698cff7436a6eb94bc9da44
  3. Fixed compilation error. Removed '@' before ')' in post build scripts…

    s-kipnis committed May 15, 2019
    …, Microsoft msbuild doesn't accept such syntax
    Change-Id: Ic55e84733e5f5f58c7180804db3816e0dcbf1c42
  4. attempt to fix compilation error

    s-kipnis committed May 15, 2019
    Change-Id: Ia5790193707eee55bcb1131012a4c21da4cec47c
  5. [CMK-2057] [CMK-2113] - new files required for agent updater and beta…

    s-kipnis committed May 15, 2019
    - version is set to 2.0.1
    - added install/check_mk.user.yml, install/checkmk.dat
    - removed check_mk.dat also from the repo
    - faq.txt is converted to
    - added check_mk.marker, this is for installation testing
    - changed PackageCode to update file list in install database
    - refactoring: removed unused trash
    - minor: content of project listed all required files
    - build script now skips useless deployment of all bionaries
    Change-Id: I6d9af6ab0d50ca2a62aeab92cd498a2b021d9cbb
  6. [CMK-2057] - installation set service in mode autostart

    s-kipnis committed May 15, 2019
    Change-Id: Ie7e03c73f160a33393b891cbfe875474b79fa95e
Commits on May 14, 2019
  1. [CMK-2057] - encryption repaired(added two bytes marker at the beginn…

    s-kipnis committed May 14, 2019
    - due to preparations for beta fixed error with user.yml
    - minor: changed code was refactored according to guidelines
    Change-Id: I23f52e4032d0952956740851b88172a5f84d27a3
  2. tidy refactoring and cppcheck minimal support from windows agent

    s-kipnis committed May 14, 2019
    Change-Id: I769520dcfcca066d5f4d26edd0669d4a577bb604
  3. [CMK-2057] - yml example for end user

    s-kipnis committed May 14, 2019
    - based on the existing yml file
    Change-Id: Ia0df1aa3d8e09627d924e68b0d9fe5e6fa78e296
  4. tidy refactoring again.

    s-kipnis committed May 14, 2019
    - 0 -> nullptr
    - C++ cast
    - names and inits
    - logs
    Change-Id: Iba27c8aab3abe28d18c75978e538d700555f6ad7
  5. [CMK-1971] - full support for Open Hardware Monitor

    s-kipnis committed May 10, 2019
    - OHM bin folder is now under user(not core)
    - unit test and script were updated
    - tree build routine was updated too
    - conditional start of OHM added to the service beginning and connect processing
    - minor: popular check for file has own cma::tools::IsValidRegularFile
    - minor: typos and comments
    Change-Id: I03942df7892b699e61923fe2a17256b06f7d7085
Commits on May 10, 2019
  1. unit test crash fix.

    s-kipnis committed May 10, 2019
    Change-Id: I77085f4b99eaf893a18f06c7c37dc8b0888159f6
  2. [CMK-1971] - preliminary support for openhardwaremonitor

    s-kipnis committed May 10, 2019
    - bin folder added as migrated
    - openhardwareemonitor is added to list of allowed sections by default
    - minor: fixed strange compilation fix
    - minor: unit tests fixed
    Change-Id: I045483b8d8980b744caddfd401c77bae003f3c64
  3. [CMK-2033] - correct merging Plugins and Locals

    s-kipnis committed May 7, 2019
    - plugins section yml is up to required default
    - unit tests support now new plugins section
    - correct merging of local and plugins keys
    - refactoring: bool removed from important API
    - minor: quick fix OHM tests for testing machine.
    - minor: log and comments fixes
    - minor: added range-like find and none_of(still limited)
    Change-Id: I60e989b078cd6fe72df2abfeab04e2c97e9240d5
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