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Sample sketch app using HTML5 Canvas that demonstrates lineTo drawing techniques, as well as brush images.
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Sample application demonstrating a drawing application/sketch techniques for HTML5 Canvas elements.  

You can read full details how this works at:

The first technique uses the canvas's drawing context moveTo(x,y) and lineTo(x,y) to draw line segments that correspond to the mouse/touch coordinates.   Think of this as playing "connect the dots" and drawing a solid line between two points.

*brush images********************************************************
The technique for using brush images is identical in concept to the previous example - you are drawing a line from point A to point B.  However, rather than using the built-in drawing APIs you are programmatically repeating an image (the brush) from point A to point B.


Both the lineTo.html and brush.html apps use the exact same code, which just uses a separate rendering function based upon the use case.    Feel free to try out the apps on your own using an iPad or in a HTML5 Canvas-capable browser:

lineTo sketch:
brush sketch:


This sample uses jQuery and Modernizr libraries
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