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This directory is where all the audio assets should be located. The audio assets are not redistributed in this directory due to copyright law. However, all of these assets are available under Creative Commons licenses from the links below. Be sure to review the individual licenses for each file before any attempt to use them in any commercial or non-commercial work.

All sounds used within this application are available as creative-commons assets from See specific assets with links to the original source below:

Tension Hellscape Thunder Heartbeat Rain Haunted Piano Haunted Forest Evil Laughter Demonic Laughter Witch Cackle Monster Roar Demon's Breath Zombie Belch Ghost Moan Poltergeist Death Squeal Crow's Caw Owl Hoot Wolf Howl Wolves Prowling Male Scream Female Scream Group Scream What Are You doing Here Ghost Zombie Hoard Demon Laughter Horror Lulaby Vampire Chant Demon Speech Minion Come Out And Play With Me Church Bell Music Box Dark Circus Dark Whispers I will kill you

I converted all of these sounds to 16bit 22050 Hz MP3 files. You can use a higher quality/bitrate if you want. I chose the lower quality due to memory issues on older/low-end Android devices.

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