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PhoneGap native plugin for Android, for Moga game controllers
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The PGMoga plugin is a PhoneGap native plugin that is used to handle input from a Moga game controller inside of a PhoneGap application targetting the Android OS/platform.

More on Moga controllers:

This implementation is intended to be a proof of concept demonstrating how you could integrate the gamepad within your application. It currently only supports input from the joysticks (axisX and axisY) and the A and B buttons, it does not handle all possible input from the controller.

This implementation is adapted directly from the com.bda.controller.example.demo.listen example from the Moga developers SDK samples available for download at::

These samples were developed targeting PhoneGap version 2.9, for more detail see:

All samples need the com.bda.controller.jar file that is available as part of the Moga SDK download (target Moga SDK version 1.3.1).

This directory contains the following:

  1. samples folder contains sample implementations
    • PGMogaDemo folder contains a sample project that simply writes values out to the html interface
    • PGMogaDemoGame contains a simple game demo that can be controlled using the Moga gamepad
  2. src folder contains source code for the plugin
    • java folder contains native plugin java (native) interface
    • js folder contains native plugin JavaScript interface

You can read more about this sample and see a video of it in action at:

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