Workaround to the dreaded "gray box" for PhoneGap on Win Phone devices.
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TouchClick.js encapsulates the logic necessary to add "click" behaviors, without the annoying gray highlight box in PhoneGap applications on Windows Phone devices. 

TouchClick.js overrides the addEventListener function, intercepts "click" events, and adds its own logic for determining behaviors without invoking the gray highlight box.  

DO NOT USE <A> ANCHOR TAGS!  Anchor tags always have the gray highlight.  You cannot turn this off.  Instead, add "click" handlers to <li>, <div>, <span>, or other HTML elements.

You can read more about this technique and see a video of it in action at:

Here is the strategy for preventing the gray highlight:

1) Do not use <a> anchor tags ever.
2) Assign a "mousedown" event handler to the <span>, <div> or other element that you want to be clickable.
3) When the "mousedown" event handler is invoked, remove the "mousedown" event handler, save the mousedown input coordinates, and add a "mouseup" event handler to the window object.
4) When the "mouseup" event handler is invoked, remove the "mouseup" event handler, and then compare the mouse coordinates. If the mouse coordinates have not changed, and its within a reasonable amount of time, you can infer that this should be a "click" event, and invoke an action as desired.
5) Set a timeout to restore the "mousedown" event handler in an asynchronus operation. If you re-add the "mousedown" event handler inside of the "mouseup" event handler, you will still get the gray box.

The "silencer" functionality inside of TouchClick.js is used to prevent duplicate click events that can happen on windows phone when manipulating DOM elements.  (This is a windows-phone specific issue).

**Only addEventListener has been implemented in this example.  "removeEventListener" has not been implemented.