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A next Level HDA for Houdini File Cache with a multiprocessing.pool wedger
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Houdini Wedger 2.0 Author : Timucin OZGER Date : 23.09.2018

This little code wedges a houdini file using multiprocessing.pool . Works especially best with single threaded tasks running in parralel.

I also added functionality to make flipbooks and MP4 out of it.

Initial development stage is to have a strong hython base, then to make an HDA out of it. Some tests showed that around additional %30 optimized gains were made if POP simulations were run in parralel. I beleive the results will scale much better with non-mnultithreading friendly tasks, such as Solid Solver or Bullet Solver.

This HDA creates a txt file to be run with the main file.

Under the HIP File Folder It creates

         -------------v_0 (version of the cache)
                      ---cmd (this is the command that main python file processes)
                         --------- _drafts

USAGE Load the HDA in your scene Use it instead of a file Cache Play around batch size and max tasks to optimize performance based on your needs.

alt text


  1. Add fail safes for memory usage , if possible fail pools that go over a limit of memory use and retry once more pools are complete.
  2. Autosave a copy of hip file to run instead of master file
  3. Create some benchmarks.
  4. Create proper versioning tools that is linked to scene file or project
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