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Ant Queen of the Hill Contest
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Formic Functions - Ant Queen of the Hill contest

This is the code behind the JavaScript programming contest hosted on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange.

View/enter the contest here.

dance floor ant GIF

Not actual game footage.

Each player starts with one ant - a queen, who collects food. Each piece of food can be held or used to produce a worker. Workers also collect food to be brought back to the queen.

All players compete in one arena. The winner is the queen holding the most food after she has taken 30,000 turns. The catch is that the ants can only communicate by changing the colors of the arena squares, which may also be changed by rival ants...


After a few thousand games (over a few weeks) a unique 1st place has emerged but other places are still joint. These results are based on the players as they were on Sunday 2nd September 2018. More refined distinct places will be posted as they are achieved.

PositionPlayerScoreGamesScore per game
1stSliding Miners 6.4 - dzaima1156081014.27
2ndLightspeed - Alion1046079113.22
2ndHyperwave - Alion1059680213.21
2ndWindmill - GNiklasch1036579513.04
2ndGlider - Draco18s1004779512.64
6thVinceAnt - GNiklasch956877912.28
7thSingle Queen - Crispy878381810.74
8thLone Wolf - Dave75167909.51
8thRomanesco Road - trichoplax72017809.23
10thVampire Mk.8 (Re-Vamped) - Dave64667908.18
10thLa Reine Bleue - Some runner guy64688038.05
12thForensic Ants - Dave56497787.26
12thStraighter - ppperry56978007.12
14thHoppemaur - Pelle Lundkvist52778136.49
15thClaustrophobic Queen - DLosc50128326.02
15thBrownian Jig - trichoplax50138435.95
15thWildfire Mk.3 - Dave45748055.68
15thThe Formation - eaglgenes10142908085.31
15thFireFlyMkII - Moogie37517854.78
15thZiggurat v3.0 - Zgarb36867954.64
15thAntdom Walking Artist - Frenzy Li33718224.10
15thMonorail - QuoteBeta30548003.82
15thRoman Ants Mk.2 - Dave30427973.82
15thExplorer - ATaco27047993.38
15thPierce - fireflame24126778073.32
26thBlack Hole - Draco18s18458352.21
26thMedusa - PhiNotPi14878141.83
26thLangton's ant - Alion12697921.60
29thTrail-eraser - ppperry7808180.95

Each game involves a randomly selected 16 players. At the end of each game, a player's score is the number of players whose queen holds less food than theirs. The average score per game is used to determine the leaderboard order. Joint places indicate that the order of players is not yet consistent between 6 subsets of the games played so far. The list of games is split into 6 subsets because this is the minimum number that will give a probability of less than 5% that a given pair of players will be assigned distinct places in the wrong order.

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