Query Huawei HiLink modems for status information.
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Unsophisticated Python command-line utility to show device information and the connection status from Huawei HiLink modems. Tested with Huawei's E3276 and E3372 modems.


The utility uses the xmltodict module which can be installed using pip:

apt-get install python-pip
pip install xmltodict

Usage example

$ python ./hstatus.py
Huawei E3276 LTE Modem (IMEI: 861711012616361)
  Hardware version: CH2F4276GM
  Software version:
  Web UI version:
  Serial: B3A3TC2313833197
  MAC address (modem): 00:0D:87:22:34:AC
  Connection status: Connected
    Network type: UMTS (3G)
    Signal level: ▁▃▄▆█ (92%)
    Roaming: Enabled
    Modem WAN IP address:
    Public IP address:
    DNS IP addresses:,
    Network operator: Swisscom
    Connected for: 00:49:33 (hh:mm:ss)
    Downloaded: 737.0 KB
    Uploaded: 178.0 KB
  Total downloaded: 47.69 MB
  Total uploaded: 19.86 MB
  Unread SMS: 1